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When Your Church ReOpens, What Will Be Left and Who Will Still Come? Some Thoughts.

CNLP 340: Annie F. Downs on How to Really Connect with Your Audience, Why Production Levels Don’t Matter as Much as You Think, and How to Share More of You with the People You Lead

Want Your Team To Like Their Job? 4 Ways To Create A Better Company Culture Today

CNLP 339: Tim Keller on How to Bring the Gospel to Post-Christian America, How He’d Preach Today if He was Starting Over Again, Why Founders Get Addicted to Their Churches and Why He Left Redeemer

Suicide, Leadership and the Dark Inner Struggle Few Understand

The Home Studio Gear Guide. Here’s All the Equipment You Need Even On A Tiny Budget

CNLP 338: Sean Morgan on How to Lead Through Unpredictability, Leadership Lessons from the Military, And How to Prepare for the New Normal

Are Churches Behaving Like Malls In the Age of Amazon, Just Hoping For People To Shop Again?

5 Strange Insights Into Church Growth You May Have Never Heard Before

CNLP 337: Steve Cuss on Managing Leadership Anxiety, Spotting Unlikely Signs of Stress in Yourself, and How to Tame Your Fears in a Crisis

CNLP Bonus 22: Mike Todd Returns to Explain His Model for Online Church, Why Their Church Has Grown 10x During COVID, and How to Turn Viewers Into Engagers, Contributors, Disciples and Donors

CNLP 336: Mike Todd on the Meteoric Rise of Transformation Church, Blowing Up on Social Media, and the Power of 51% Certainty in Decision Making

4 Ways to Quickly (and UnIntentionally) Stop Your Innovation Curve And Miss The Future

Avoid This Big Mistake: Stepping Back Into the Past When You Step Back Into Your Building

We’re All Start-ups Now (Whether We Like It Or Not…)

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