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CNLP 298: Alejandro Reyes on Hypergrowth and the Keys to Great Digital Marketing and Online Influence

next generation

Why My Generation Probably Won’t Reach The Next Generation

CNLP 297: Gordon MacDonald Shares 8 Decades of Wisdom and Life Lessons, Father Wounds, the Dangers of Drivenness, Counselling a U.S. President, and What Leaders Struggle with Between Ages 32-42 and at Age 48 and Age 62

Carey Nieuwhof Mark Batterson

CNLP 296: Mark Batterson on How He Beat Overwhelm to Keep His Marriage Strong, Strategic Quitting and Continual Innovation and Why Blessing and Generosity Aren’t Tied to the Prosperity Gospel

13 Lessons Learned from 13 Multisite Church Campus Launches

turn around

4 Big Signs It’s Not Going To Turn Around

5 Things A Leader Worth Following Always Gets Right

CNLP 295: Rich Birch on Whether Multi-Site Has Peaked, What You Need to Succeed as You Add Locations, and Some of the Keys to Sustained Growth

toxic people

How to Deal With Toxic People (7 Pro Tips)

CNLP 294: Dee Ann Turner on How Chick-fil-A Created Amazing Customer Service and Created a Culture That Replicated It Among Tens of Thousands of Employees and Customers

5 Reasons Your Church Shouldn’t Copy a Mega-Church

CNLP 293: Jeff Henderson on Why Most Organizations are Narcissistic, the New Way to Do Customer Service and the Future of Business

under the bus

How to Stop Throwing Your Team Under the Bus (Even If They Keep Messing Up)

5 Things Preachers Should Stop Doing!

CNLP 292: Clay Scroggins on How to Lead in a World of Distraction and Turning Down the Noise So You Can Get Healthy