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Headshot of Paula Faris

CNLP 345: Paula Faris on Why She Quit Hosting Good Morning America and The View, Decoupling Your Identity from Your Work, and What Journalism Has Taught Her About Leadership

In-Person Attendance v. Online Attendance and The Emerging Trap Of Doing Nothing Well

10 Ways To Fight Back Against Stress And Burnout

Headshot of Scott Harrison from charity: water

CNLP 344: Scott Harrison on How to Lead Through a Long Economic Slump, How to Approach High and Low Net Worth Donors, and Finding Opportunities in the Chaos

Where is Future Church Attendance Heading? 10 Questions. 10 Hunches.

Headshot of Nicky Gumbel

CNLP 343: Nicky Gumbel on Why He Changed His Mind About Church Online, Why Online is a Better Outreach Tool Than In-Person Ministry, and How He Repositioned His Church and Alpha for Explosive Growth

5 Transformative Questions To Ask Before You ReOpen Your Church (Or After You’ve Done It)

Headshot of Ian Morgan Cron

CNLP 342: Ian Morgan Cron on How Your Enneagram Type Handles Stress, How to Stay Healthy in a Crisis, and the Best Approach to Dealing with Uncertainty

The Idiot’s Guide to ReOpening Your Church

The Original 2020 is History. 7 NEW Disruptive Church Trends Every Church Leader Should Watch

Why Are Your Online Attendance Numbers Suddenly Dropping? 5 Reasons

CNLP 341: Joel Manby with Crisis Lessons from Amazon, Saab, SeaWorld and The Great Recession

5 Big Attitude Differences That Separate Growing Churches From Declining Churches

When Your Church ReOpens, What Will Be Left and Who Will Still Come? Some Thoughts.

CNLP 340: Annie F. Downs on How to Really Connect with Your Audience, Why Production Levels Don’t Matter as Much as You Think, and How to Share More of You with the People You Lead

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