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The Ten Most Listened-To Podcasts of 2019

CNLP 311: John S. Dickerson on the Bias Against Christianity, How Christianity Has Made a Surprisingly Positive Contribution to History, and Why Christianity is the Opposite of Anti-Intellectual


How to Really Take a Break This Christmas (So Your Family Won’t Hate You)

CNLP 310: Jasmine Star on Finding Your Dream Customer, How to Reach More People By Focusing on Less, and What Drives Real Growth


Why Leadership Is So Exhausting—And What to Do About It

CNLP 309: Terry Wardle on Why So Many Leaders Cave Under the Pressures of Leadership, Why Leaders Implode Morally, and How to Grieve Your Leadership Losses

Church trends

The Church Health Trends You Need to Be Looking At

3 Ways to Coach Young Leaders Without Frustrating Them

CNLP 308: Larry Osborne Spins Gold on How to Connect with High Capacity Leaders, Why People with Low EQ Dominate Meetings, and Why All the Traits You Hate in a Child You Love in a Leader

5 Outdated Leadership Practices in Today’s Office (Why 8-4 Doesn’t Work Anymore)

CNLP 307: John Ortberg and Carey Nieuwhof on Workaholism, How to Be Appropriately Vulnerable, and Finding God When Things are Bad in Leadership

Young leaders

5 Things Older Leaders Can’t Stand About Younger Leaders

CNLP 306: Sarah Piercy and Dillon Smith on How to Develop, Attract and Keep HIgh Capacity, Young Leaders, and a Backstage Look at Working on My Team

older leaders

5 Things Younger Leaders Can’t Stand About Older Leaders


Why You Should Be Thankful If Your Pastor Behaves Like a Leader (or CEO)