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The 5 Kinds of Church Leaders We’re Seeing Right Now (And their Future Prospects)

Headshot of Jon Tyson

CNLP 363: Jon Tyson on What the Future Church Needs to Do Post-COVID, What Leaders Missed in Rushing Back to Normal, and How to Rest Deeply in an Exhausting Era

Danielle Strickland sitting on a curb

CNLP 362: Danielle Strickland on Dumping the Billy Graham Rule, Why Women Speakers Don’t Need to Hit Home Runs, and Spirituality That’s Way Too Heady

7 Keys to Finding Momentum and Growth When There Are No Good Options

How to Lead a Church That Can’t Agree on Anything Right Now

Photo of Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton

CNLP 361: Adrian Gostick on Why Ingratitude in Leaders is Stupid, How Gratitude Leads to Better Results, and Why It’s More Important Than Ever

5 Addictions Pastors Need To Overcome (To Grow Their Church In the Future)

Headshot of Bryan Miles

CNLP 360: Bryan Miles on Why Your Team Won’t Want to Come Back to the Office, How to Lead Virtual and Hybrid Teams, and How to Motivate Your Staff

Headshot of Levi Lusko looking to the side

CNLP 359: Levi Lusko on What the Future Church Might Look Like After COVID, Adrenaline Addiction and How to Pastor People Who Don’t Live Near You

churches in decline

The NEW Characteristics of Churches That Will Be In Decline Five Years From Now 

5 Reasons Your Team Isn’t Crushing Their Goals

Photo of Sam Collier sitting in a chair

CNLP 358: Sam Collier on Growing Up Black in America, What it Takes to Make it in a White World, and How Whites Can Use Their Influence to Help Bring About Racial Reconciliation

5 Confessions of a Pastor About Online Church Attendance

7 Habits of Generation Z That Your Church Might Be Ignoring

Photo of Jonathan Pokluda on bridge

CNLP 357: JP Pokluda on the Future of Online Preaching, What Pastors Can Learn from YouTubers, and How to Influence the Next Generation

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