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CNLP 335: Scott Beck and David Kinnaman Take You Under the Hood on How Better Data Leads to Better Decisions, Crisis Leadership, and What Will Help You Emerge Stronger Into the New Normal

online attendance

Some Awkward Questions About How to Measure Online Church Attendance (+ 5 Growth Strategies)

You Didn’t Sign Up For This – 4 Ways To Battle Back When Quarantine Makes Your Marriage Worse

CNLP 334: Mark Sayers on Leading Through the COVID Crisis, the Deconstruction of Consumer Christianity and Secular Salvation, and What the New World Might Look Like


The Top 7 Reasons Everyone Ignores The Online Content You Produce

CNLP 333: Ken Costa on Leading Through the Coronavirus Economic Fall Out, How to Make Decisions in the Midst of Uncertainty, Approaching Wealthy Donors in Bad Economic Times, and What’s Ahead for the Church


Half of All Churches Are Instantly Growing. Here’s Why And Here’s What To Do.

3 Highly Effective Ways To Support Your Senior Leader During the Current Crisis

digital easter

5 Quick Things That Can Make a Long Term Difference During Your First Digital Easter

CNLP 332: Bobby Herrera on Crisis Leadership, What to Cut and What to Keep During the COVID Crisis, the Gift of Struggle and How to Plan for the New Normal

future church

5 Predictions About the Future Church While Everything’s Still Unknown

kinds of leaders

The 3 Kinds of Leaders You See In A Crisis


Why Motivation Alone Won’t Get Your People (Or You) Through This Crisis

CNLP 331: Gary Thomas on How to Walk Away from Toxic People and Why the Classic Christian Response of “Just Love Them More” Isn’t Actually that Christian

empty room

5 Ways to Get Better at Preaching/Speaking Directly Into a Camera

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