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The Church Has Left the Building: 5 Truths About Future Church Attendance and Commitment

CNLP 368: Chris Hogan on Broke Money Habits vs Millionaire Money Habits and How to Make Financial Progress on a Low Salary

Why You Shouldn’t Quit Ministry Right Now, Even Though You Feel Like It

New Trends: 4 Ways The Pandemic Is Negatively Impacting People

Cirque du Soleil, Monster Jam and Disneyland: Marketplace Reopening Lessons for Your Church

Jim Tomberlin and Warren Bird

CNLP 367: Jim Tomberlin and Warren Bird on Future Church Attendance, the Rise of Church Mergers and What to Do If Your Church Won’t Make It

When Christians Lose Their Minds, People Lose Their Faith

CNLP 366: Gordon MacDonald on The View from 80, 15 Life and Leadership Lessons After Eight Decades on the Planet

Now That You’re Online a Lot More: 5 Traps For Local Pastors In The Age of Social Media

CNLP 365: Cathy Heller on How to Quit Your Day Job, How to Find the Best Idea for a New Business, and Why Purpose Cures Depression

What Healthy Churches are Doing to Support Female Leaders During the Pandemic

3 Mindset Shifts Great Leaders Are Making During The Pandemic

CNLP 364: Nik Wallenda on What World Record Tightrope Walking Taught Him About How to Train in Adverse Conditions, Preparing for the Unexpected in Leadership, Overcoming Fear, and How to Revive a Dying Industry

The 5 Kinds of Church Leaders We’re Seeing Right Now (And their Future Prospects)

Headshot of Jon Tyson

CNLP 363: Jon Tyson on What the Future Church Needs to Do Post-COVID, What Leaders Missed in Rushing Back to Normal, and How to Rest Deeply in an Exhausting Era

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