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The Art of Preaching

Ready to start preaching better sermons and reach the unchurched without selling out?

The Art of Preaching is a tried-and-tried preaching method. In this course, Mark Clark and I share what we’ve learned about effective preaching over our (combined) 40+ years of experience. Learn how to create, write and deliver better sermons that grow your church.

The Art of Building a Generous Congregation

Increase giving, create a culture of generosity, and fully fund your mission—without the stress.

The Art of Building a Generosity gives your church a proven Annual Generosity Plan and step-by-step strategies to develop donors, increase giving, help your congregation flourish financially, and feel confident talking about money and giving.

At Your Best Course

The At Your Best strategy has helped thousands of leaders grow their organizations, advance their careers, launch new ventures, be far more present at home and take regular time off – it helped them do what they’re best at, while being at their best.

Whatever your goals and dreams are in life, when you apply the strategies inside At Your Best, you’ll have built a life that you no longer want to escape from. Instead, you might actually start loving it.

The Art of Reaching

You’re working harder than ever, yet seeing fewer guests and less frequent attendance. Increasingly, it feels like the culture is just tuning you out. The strange truth is, people are hungry for the message you’re sharing. Surprisingly, our culture isn’t craving an echo of itself, but rather an alternative to itself.

In this course, Mark Clark and I provide you with the lessons, tools and strategies to help you reach more people, gain passion around the mission, attract and engage first-time guests and widen your front door by adopting a new content creation strategy designed for the digital era.

The Art of Church Growth

I don’t believe you and I can make a church grow. Only God can do that. But you can position your church to grow. This course teaches you how to:

  • Make a lasting impact on your community by having seven critical conversations that change your potential and your trajectory
  • Eliminate the barriers that are keeping your church from growing
  • Implement the strategies that will help you reach far more people
  • And much more…

The Art of Team Leadership

Don’t let your mission suffer because of unengaged and underperforming staff.

What if…

  • You could bring out the true potential in people instead of seeing sporadic performance?
  • Your team could have tough, but necessary conversations without making things personal?
  • Your team showed up fully engaged with your mission every single day?

The Art of Team Leadership course gives you the tools to build trust, efficiency and productivity into your team.

The Art of Leading Change

Change is inevitable. Irrelevance isn’t.

Change is a big—and charged—subject. So many leaders have struggled to implement it, and almost every leader who engineers change faces stiff opposition, pushback, confusion, and even anger.

In this course, we’ll cover how to overcome those dynamics and how to implement a framework for change. The Art of Leading Change course is your step-by-step guide to making the right changes and implementing them successfully.

The Art of Pastoral Succession

“Am I even ready to lead our church through a transition?”

“What’s the proper pace of change for our church?”

“We often say, ‘Our best days are ahead.’ But how do I lead our church there?”

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming transition or have recently gone through one, The Pastoral Succession Toolkit will help you:

  • Discern your call to be a lead pastor 
  • Understand your alignment with the church you’ll be leading
  • Negotiate your salary 
  • Time each of those steps carefully

Get instant access to the Pastoral Succession Toolkit today to ensure your transition goes smoothly.

The Art of Online Influence

Building online influence doesn’t have to be intimidating or complicated. And it also doesn’t have to be gimmicky or ruin your integrity. 

As platforms and strategies come and go, the one thing that remains is the need for your message and content to stand on its own – that’s how you build influence. 

Don’t let your mission go unheard. Get access today to learn timeless principles for building your influence online.

Monthly Team Training

What if you could run staff training without spending hours to find and develop the content yourself?

Simplify staff training with done-for-you leadership development, delivered monthly. In Monthly Team Training you get carefully curated training sessions that build essential leadership skills into you and into your team every single month. Avoid wasting time turning half-read books and half-listened to podcasts into training for your team.