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Ever wish you could have a conversation with some of the top leaders in ministry today? Well, that's what my new leadership podcast is designed to bring you.

When you subscribe, you'll never miss conversations with leaders like Andy Stanley, Brian Houston, Bob and Maria Goff, Ravi Zacharias, Louie Giglio, Christine Hassler, Lewis Howes, Chuck Swindoll, Chris Brown, Sue Miller, Jon Acuff, , Kara Powell, Larry Osborne, David Kinnaman and more, as well as leaders you might never have heard of whose leadership insights can change your ministry and your life.

All if of it is designed to help you—and your team—to lead like never before.

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What Listeners Are Saying

"The content of these podcasts is the kind of stuff you would pay for. You would carve out a day, go to a conference and pay to sit and listen to stuff like this. Instead, you get it for free right from your phone. This stuff is vital! Great material. Do yourself a favor and subscribe."

–CYBret via iTunes

"Because of this podcast, my commutes home have doubled in time. I just can't turn it off, so I've been circling in my neighbourhood before reluctantly going home. Carey's blog has always been overflowing with great content, and this podcast follows suit without disappointment. I'm so glad I found this and am thankful for those making it possible." 

– ArubaBound via iTunes

"Carey is known for his great perspective and insight which he shared through his books, blog, tweets and more. This podcast gives you a front row seat into the thoughts of some of the most highly regarded leaders today." 

– Barbara Graves via iTunes

"Anyone can interview leaders, but asking the right questions to these leaders is a gift. Carey has that gift and he asks leaders the questions we all want answered. You're going to love it!"

– Children and Family Ministry Pastor via iTunes

"Let's just say Carey has the mojo. He sits on the Jedi High Council of Church Leadership. The fact that he is podcasting makes it all the more better. Listen to this show. You won't regret it." 

– Chadbrooks via iTunes

"I am a big fan of Carey's blog, but I am more of a podcast listener. When I heard he was going to do a podcast, I couldn't wait! I'm really excited to hear the interviews in what sounds like an amazing line up! Don't miss out." 

– Hat Man Dan via iTunes

"I have waited years for this! (okay...that might be exaggerating a little)....Carey is on the leading edge of leadership. So I am greatly looking forward to hearing his thoughts."

– Joshfortney via iTunes

"Great insights, great guests, great format and easy to listen to. Thanks Carey!" 

– Pastor A Bomb via iTunes

"Thank you Carey for bringing us such awesome content to encourage and inspire us all to lead with passion and excellence wherever we are…what an amazing podcast!!"

– Jacque Watkins via Stitcher

"Carey continues to deliver excellent content! Whether it is on his blog, which I've been following for close to two years, or now through the first three episodes, the content is rich and helpful. Carey's authenticity on his blog and podcast are enough to draw any leader's attention. If you want to "lead like never before" you must subscribe to this podcast."

– Shumate TN via Stitcher 

"Carey, thanks for asking great questions."

– johnnydmband via iTunes

"I have never written a review for a podcast before, but for this I just had to. If you are a leader, Carey's podcast is a must....the interview with Perry Noble stopped me in my tracks. It had me reaching for my notes every couple minutes. Thank you to Carey and his team for bringing leaders like this (and yourself) to us."

– Chris McNaughton via iTunes

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