CNLP 467: Rick Warren on Finishing Well, Why Megachurch Pastors Fail, and Lessons Learned Over 42 Years at Saddleback

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In 2021, Saddleback founding pastor, Rick Warren, announced he was retiring as senior pastor to embrace a new role. In this wide-ranging interview, Rick talks about how to leave a legacy of integrity, why so many megachurch pastors fail, what he told Bill Hybels, and lessons learned over 42 years at Saddleback.

Catch the full interview plus bonus footage on our YouTube channel.

Welcome to Episode 467 of the podcast. Listen and access the show notes below or search for the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts and listen for free.

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Insights From Rick

1. Look at your church like a garden

One way that Rick has prepared Saddleback to move on without him is by viewing the church as a garden. When he first started, he said it was like bare clay, almost un-grow-able. So he started enriching the soil every year by putting in nutrients to help make the environment fertile for spiritual growth.

And after 42 years of enriching the soil, he says that, “Anybody who comes in and plants a seed, they ought to grow. One of the things that every year when my harvest is over and everything’s done, what I’m most satisfied with is not the harvest of that year but knowing that year I enriched the soil a little bit more.”

2. Focus on people in pain, and you’ll grow a church

You’ll rarely see Rick post anything self-promoting on social media. Why? Because he believes the way you connect and engage with others is through pain. Rick states, “Successes don’t unite us, but pain does.”

Nobody gets to go through life pain-free. Even the most self-centered, successful, young professional who thinks, “I don’t need God,” will one day experience some form of tragedy, and they’ll be searching for support. Next year, there’ll be other people in pain who weren’t in pain this year, and the following year there’ll be somebody else. Rick says that if you focus on the 25% in pain, you’ll grow a church.

3. Love the people of the world and hate the value system

When we see pastors or others have moral failures it’s often plastered all over media. Satan loves a target, and he loves for nothing more than to take the target down.

In 1 John 2:16, when Jesus says, “Love not the world,” he’s talking about the value system of the world. In the very next verse he says, “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life are not of the Father, they’re of the devil.” We are to love the people of the world and hate the value system.

The problem is today, as Christians, we do the exact opposite. We hate the people and we love the value system. We are as materialistic and hedonistic and secular as they are, but we hate the people. We’ve got it reversed.

Quotes from Episode 467

Our greatest ministry will come out of our deepest hurt. @RickWarren Click To Tweet Successes don't unite us, but pain does. @RickWarren Click To Tweet The path to glory is through the cross, not through showing off. @RickWarren Click To Tweet Pain is inevitable. Misery is not. Misery is optional. @RickWarren Click To Tweet God isn't interested in your sin as much as he is in the direction of your heart. @RickWarren Click To Tweet We are to love the people of the world and hate the value system. The problem is today, as Christians, we do the exact opposite. @RickWarren Click To Tweet We naturally look for people like us in a congregation. If we see somebody like us, we're more likely to stay. If we don't, we're more likely to leave. @RickWarren Click To Tweet You don't help anybody with your successes. You only help them with your failures, your weaknesses and your problems. @RickWarren Click To Tweet When people come to your church, the first two questions they ask are not theological, they're sociological. @RickWarren Click To Tweet The number one factor on the size of your church is your location. It's not your giftedness. @RickWarren Click To Tweet You will attract what you are. @RickWarren Click To Tweet I'm most like Christ when I refuse to retaliate. @RickWarren Click To Tweet It's better to have no staff than the wrong staff. @RickWarren Click To Tweet The greater your differences in marriage, the greater your potential for spiritual growth and sanctification. @RickWarren Click To Tweet

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