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kinds of leaders

The 3 Kinds of Leaders You See In A Crisis

So, you never signed up to lead through a crisis. And yet, here you are leading in the midst of one. What’s inevitable is that you and the people you lead are learning in real-time what your style of crisis leadership is. To be sure, crisis doesn’t create your leadership style, instead, it reveals and…

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CNLP 331: Gary Thomas on How to Walk Away from Toxic People and Why the Classic Christian Response of “Just Love Them More” Isn’t Actually that Christian

Best-selling author, Gary Thomas, says it took him years to figure out that some people are just plain toxic. They don’t respond to love, to correction or to direction. Gary shares how to walk away from toxic people at work, in your family and in life, and why the traditional Christian response of “just love…

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CNLP 329: Joseph Sojourner on Navigating the Sexually Charged, Inappropriate Side of Social Media and Finding Your Voice When You’re on Someone Else’s Stage

In this episode, I talk with creative thinker, host and emcee, Joseph Sojourner about his personal journey: His diagnosis of narcolepsy, finding his own voice when he stepped onto some of the largest stages in the world, and how he navigates life as a single man, including how to handle scores of sexually charged DMs…

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CNLP 330: Sheryl Brady on How to Lead When You Don’t Have All the Answers, When Your Faith is in Crisis, and How to Decide What Doors to Walk Through and When to Say No

Sheryl Brady leads a mega church in Dallas and has a large international ministry, but never imagined herself as a leader. Sheryl talks about her unlikely rise into leadership in her early thirties and the struggles it caused her as a mom. She also talks about struggling with her own faith and having to lead…

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