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What's Your Biggest Leadership Challenge?

I never have enough time

I just never seem to have enough
time. I can't work enough hours to
keep up.

We want more impact

We can't seem to reach new families and honestly, we're not even sure we know how to.

We've stopped growing

Our church needs help. We just
can't seem to get beyond our
current size. We've plateaued.

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3 Key Lessons for Your Church from a Study of 20,000 Online Events

This is a post written by Rich Birch. Rich is the founder of Unseminary and is a member of my Speaking Team. You can ...
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The Big Church Leadership Mistake of 2021 (That You Can Still Avoid)

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How the Crisis Probably Killed Your Vision (And How To Get It Back)

How's your vision casting lately? I noticed something recently that surprised and disappointed me: Without realizing it, a few months ...
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