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What’s Included with the Preaching Cheat Sheet?

The Preaching Cheat Sheet & Training Videos
  • The 10-Step Preaching Cheat Sheet and teaching videos
  • Two Pitfalls in Modern Preaching teaching video
  • How to Deliver a Sermon Without Notes teaching video
Bonus Resource: The Preaching Accelerator (Replay)
  • 2 videos sessions:
    • The CREAM Method: How to Increase the Clarity of Your Talks, Sermons, and Communication
    • How to Give a Talk Without Using Notes
  • Action steps so you can start applying the teaching right away

As a Pastor, you are called to share the Gospel and be a shepherd to your congregation, and your sermons are a crucial aspect of fulfilling that. But writing a new sermon week after week can also be a daunting task, especially when you’re struggling to find a fresh approach that will connect with your audience.

The 10-Step Preaching Cheat Sheet helps you write and deliver sermons that connect with your congregation and inspire them to grow in their faith. Whether you’re just out of seminary or have been preaching for years, these easy-to-follow steps will help you to craft sermons that are engaging, relevant, and memorable.

As early as this Sunday, you can ensure that your sermon resonates with your audience and sparks life-giving conversations throughout the week. Simply complete the form on this page and a copy will be delivered to your inbox right away!

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I’m Carey Nieuwhof.

I created the Preaching Cheat Sheet to give Pastors some of the lessons I so desperately needed during my own journey.

The Cheat Sheet isn’t a magic solution to all challenges. But it is 10 simple steps I’ve developed over 25+ years of preaching that ensure my sermons are:

  • Relevant
  • Engaging; and
  • Memorable

20,000+ Pastors are using it to prepare and write fresh sermons week after week. Simply complete the form on this page and I’ll send you a copy right away!


Join over 20,000+ Pastors using the Preaching Cheat Sheet!

“Carey’s Preaching Cheat Sheet has been an enormous help to me. I have found that it keeps me focused on the task at hand, communicating hands God’s Word effectively to people who need to hear it.”

Mark Sneath, Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Community Church

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Preaching Cheat Sheet?

The Preaching Cheat Sheet is a free resource that includes video teaching and PDF application guides, with practical tools to help you develop as a preacher.

How will it help?

The Preaching Cheat Sheet will show you the exact process I use to craft clear and powerful sermons. You’ll also understand how to develop a clear and compelling bottom line and how to deliver a sermon without using notes.

Is it free?

Yes, this resource is 100% free. No strings attached.