Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

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When parents and the church work together, the impact on kids increases dramatically. In Parenting Beyond Your Capacity, Carey Nieuwhof and Reggie Joiner help parents discover a bigger story in which to involve their family, one in which multiple influential voices combine in order to tell kids the same thing: that a relationship with God really matters.

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity can help parents establish a lifestyle in which they:

  • Invite others to invest in their children to help shape and determine the direction of their lives.
  • Create a culture of unconditional love to fuel the emotional and moral health of their children.
  • Tap into the power of quality moments together, building a sense of purpose through everyday experiences.



“Parenting Beyond Your Capacity provides us with a practical and revolutionary approach to the responsibility most of us find daunting parenting. This book will equip you to be successful throughout your child’s development.” – Andy Stanley, senior pastor of North Point Community Church

This isn’t a self-help book. It’s a get-help book. It’s about how you can increase your parenting capacity by connecting with available resources, some of which you know about and some you might not.

We’ve also made starting a group in your church easy by providing all you need:

  • Small group questions are located at the conclusion of each chapter.
  • In addition, small group discussion starter videos available for download, for free, at Group leaders can show these videos in a small group setting in your church or in a home.
Parenting Beyond Your Capacity


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