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Growing Churches In the Future Will Do These 5 Things

CNLP 322: James Emery White on Why He Shut Down Multisite, the Future of Digital Outreach and How to Grow Your Church Younger As the Leader Grows Older


How to Avoid Becoming The Leader Everyone Resents, Hates And Talks About

CNLP 321: Chris Hodges and Brad Lomenick on the Incredible Rise of Church of the Highlands, Trends in Next Generation Leadership, and How Systems and Creativity Should Work Together

Why Constant Feedback Beats Annual Performance Reviews

CNLP 320: Toni Nieuwhof and Dr. Rob Meeder: A Pediatrician and Lawyer Talk About the Reasons for the Rise in Childhood Anxiety, Beating Tech Addiction in Kids and Best Practices for a Thriving Marriage in a Busy Home

lonely leader

6 Reasons You Feel Lonely In Leadership

Why It’s Good Not To Be In Charge (5 Things You Can Learn While You Wait For The Keys)

CNLP 319: Craig Groeschel on What He’s Learning from His Performance Coach, How to Handle High Demand Leadership, and How to Avoid Entitlement in Leadership

CNLP 318: Jennie Allen on How to Get the Negative Voices Out of Your Head, a Different Model for Leadership, and How to Motivate a Large Crowd

bad boss

7 Signs Your Team Thinks You’re a Bad Boss

CNLP 317: Jefferson Bethke Unpacks Launching His Career on the Internet at Age 22, the Downside of Hustle, and Carving Out a Sane Pace of Life as a Leader and Parent

declining attendance

6 Ways to Battle Back Against Flat or Declining Attendance Patterns

5 Real World Survival Tips for Every Young Leader In Their First Job

CNLP 316: John Mark Comer on Secular Salvation, Post-Christian America and How to Ruthlessly Eliminate Hurry from Your Life

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