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5 Signs You May Be Losing Your Edge As A Leader

CNLP 291: David Platt on Hell, Suffering, Eternity and Why the Hard Questions About Christianity Haven’t Led to His Deconversion, and What Needs to Change Among Christians to Truly Impact the World

Back door

Increasing First-Time Guests: 3 Questions To Expand The Front Door Of Your Church

CNLP 290: Max Lucado on What Causes Happiness, How to Be Happier, and How to Know When It’s Time to Leave Leadership


Why Every Good Leader Should Escape the Algorithm (Before You Can’t…or Won’t)

The Secret of Successful Leaders: 4 Reasons Self-Awareness is Essential for Leadership

7 Qualities A Leader Can’t Afford NOT To Have

CNLP 289: Tim Lucas on Reaching Cynical Unchurched Young Adults, Launching What Would Become a MegaChurch in an Unchurched Region, and Surviving His Brush With Burnout

To Do List

Why The Smartest Leaders Move Way Beyond Their To-Do List To Tackle This

Carey Nieuwhof David Kinnaman

CNLP 288: David Kinnaman Busts Cultural Myths Too Many Leaders Still Believe, and Shares Surprisingly Good News About the Faith of Some Millennials and Gen Z.

Remaining Inspired: Why Inspiration is worth fighting FOR

CNLP 287: J.D. Greear and Todd Wilson on Why The Future Church Is a Multiplying Church, How to Overcome a Scarcity Mindset and How to Start Reproducing Leadership

young leaders

8 Things That Are Right (Not Wrong) About Young Leaders

preaching trends

5 Preaching Trends That Will Shape The Future

CNLP 286: John Townsend on How to Rewire Your Brain to Stop the Negative Voices and the Relationships You Really Need as a Leader, and Probably Don’t Have