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7 Habits of Generation Z That Your Church Might Be Ignoring

Photo of Jonathan Pokluda on bridge

CNLP 357: JP Pokluda on the Future of Online Preaching, What Pastors Can Learn from YouTubers, and How to Influence the Next Generation

10 Signs Your Organization’s Culture is Toxic

Headshot of Dharius Daniels

CNLP 356: Dharius Daniels on Leading with Relational Intelligence, Leadership Learned the Hard Way, and the Keys to Great Communication

Why Going Back To “Normal” Church Seems So Compelling And Can Be So Dangerous

Headshot of John Eldredge

CNLP 355: John Eldredge on Living at an Unsustainable Pace, What Men and Women Most Long For, and How to Get Your Soul and Life Back


Church Attendance Is Dying. What’s Next?

Headshot of Jo Saxton

CNLP 354: Jo Saxton on How Leaders Fall Into Burnout, How to Come Back from It and on How to Reduce Anxiety and Stress on Your Team

12 Things Covid Has Taught the Analog Church about Digital Church

Headshot of Henry Cloud

CNLP 353: Henry Cloud on How to Stop Taking Failure Personally, How to Prevent Burnout and Become Healthier in the Midst of a Year Like 2020, and How to Change Your Thinking for the Better

21 Things No Leader Ever Regrets Doing

3 Things to Consider Before Giving Up on Your Spouse

Headshots of Carey Nieuwhof, Levi and Jennie Lusko, Albert Tate, Nicole Martin, and David Kinnaman

CNLP 352: Levi and Jennie Lusko, Albert Tate and Nicole Martin on Undoing the Legacy of the KKK and How to Navigate Racial Reconciliation with Your Team, Family, on Social Media and in Real Life

5 Reasons Why Some Churches Won’t Recover

Headshot of Nona Jones

CNLP 351: Nona Jones on the Best and Worst Practices for Social Media, Why Online Ministry is About More Than Streaming Content and Where Social Media is Going in the Next Few Years

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