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subtle signs your church is dying

7 Subtle Signs Your Church Is Dying

How do you know whether your church’s best days are behind it? It’s a question that all leaders should ask—even leaders of growing churches. As with almost everything in life, there are subtle signs your peak may be near or you may be cresting past it. Other times, the signs of death are evident to everyone but…

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lame excuses

8 Lame Excuses Church Leaders Make

There’s no question that ministry is hard. You know that. You feel it every day. So do I. But sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be. I love talking to church leaders about their ministry and the opportunities and obstacles they see. But time and again, I hear leaders make excuses as to…

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How Pastoral Care Stunts the Growth of Most Churches

Of all the mysteries that shouldn’t be mysteries, why most churches remain small is perhaps the greatest. I’m sure there are a few leaders who want to keep their churches small, or who don’t care about growth. But most small church leaders and pastors I meet actually want to reach more people. They want to see their mission…

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7 Effective Ways to Battle Discouragement In Leadership

If you talk to most leaders long enough to get a real answer to ‘So how’s it going?” you will quickly discover that a surprising number of leaders are disheartened. Even discouraged. For several years now, I’ve done a new reader survey for anyone who signs up to receive my blog via email. You know what hundreds…

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exit a church well

5 Ways For a Church Member to Leave a Church Well

Sometimes people remember how you arrived. They almost always remember how you left. Especially if you leave poorly. This is true when people come to your church and when they leave, as some inevitably do. I was out driving through our neighbourhood recently and I passed the house of someone who goes to our church. I…

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