CNLP 399: Mark Clark on How to Preach to an Online Audience, Growing a Church During a Pandemic, and Why the Next Generation Wants the Real Jesus

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Mark Clark’s church was growing online before COVID but during the pandemic, it’s grown even more. He explains how he’s switched his communication style, how to speak to an online audience and what preaching might be like after everything reopens.

He also talks about how to connect with the people you’re reaching, and why the next generation wants the real Jesus.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey talks about how to get 700,000 downloads on a podcast in one week.

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The Problem of Jesus by Mark Clark

The Problem of God by Mark Clark

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Insights From Mark

1. People are checking out your church online before they visit—build your website like that’s true

If people are going to visit your church, 2 things need to happen first:

  1. They need to have a good experience while checking out your church online
  2. They probably need a personal invite from someone (a friend, co-worker, member of the church, etc.)

Your website and online experience need to be carefully built to help make this process smooth and engaging.

2. Treat your online viewers like real people every service

If you want your online viewers to actually turn into engaged contributors, you need to treat them like real people. To do this, the team at Village Church looks directly into the camera every service and tells the viewers that they really matter and that they want to build a deeper relationship with them.

Doing this consistently has allowed them to turn online viewers successfully into engagers.

3. Nobody gets up early on a Sunday for incremental change—if you want to reach the next generation, give them something worth dying for

A lot of churches are making small, incremental asks of the next generation in the process of inviting them into a relationship with Jesus. Mark doesn’t think this approach works with the next generation. He recommends that you make huge asks of the next generation when inviting them into a relationship with Jesus. If you want to reach Gen Z, ask them to give up their whole lives, not just one hour a week.

Quotes from Episode 399

You've got to clear away the hypocrisy and the politics and the nonsense and put Jesus on the table and say, 'Everyone just focus on Him.' @markaclark Click To Tweet Vague spirituality isn't enough. @markaclark Click To Tweet You need to be not only reformed into the Kingdom of God but de-formed from all your other forms of worship. @markaclark Click To Tweet People can't see outside the filter that they've got. @markaclark Click To Tweet Pastors didn't get into this to become professional epidemiologists, which is what they're being asked to do right now. @markaclark Click To Tweet Put a camera on a stick, make sure the audio is good and the lighting's okay, and get your content out there. @markaclark Click To Tweet That intuition you have as a leader, don't ignore it. Click To Tweet Your way of being actually shapes your affections more than you think. @markaclark Click To Tweet When you read the gospels, there's one of two things you can do: You can either throw Jesus off a cliff and kill him, or you can worship him as God and follow him. @markaclark Click To Tweet

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