CCLP 015: Mark Clark on Apologetics for Unchurched Canadians, the Expansion of Village Church and Finding Personal Margin

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Mark Clark, pastor of Village Church, one of Canada’s largest and fastest growing churches, is back on the podcast.

This time, I talk to Mark about finding a style of apologetics that connects with unchurched, post-Christian, post-modern young Canadians. Plus we talk about the expansion of Village Church and the personal rhythms that keep Mark and his family healthy.

Welcome to Episode 015 of the podcast, which you can access on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Compassion Canada

Canadian Church Leaders Conference

CNLP 151: Mark Clark on Apologetics for Post-Christian, Post-Modern Young Adults: Sex, Hell, Science and So Much More

CCLP Bonus 001: Mark Clark

A Mission Partner

Freddy, Carey & Merly – Guatemala 2017

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3 Insights from This Episode

1. Pastors should be reading a wide range of literature

Pastors need to surround themselves with a wide-ranging library of books. Sounds simple, but it definitely takes effort. From theology, psychology, biographies, current authors – and those who have passed, the more well-rounded our reading, the better understanding we have for people, current culture and how to best deliver our messages.

2. Don’t be afraid to promote what God has called you to do

Often in our culture, we hesitate when it comes to self-promotion. Probably because we are skeptics who like to criticize the success of others. We don’t want people judging our motives, so we push opportunities aside and hide behind humility.

If you want your mission to move forward, you have to be willing to promote it. Nothing will grow from ambition alone, so if God has given you a gift – trust Him with the outcome. Don’t let a false sense of humility keep you from doing what God has called you to do.

3. The best way to get people involved is to authentically let them know they are needed

A challenge for a church of any size is getting people to regularly serve and give. Rather than complaining behind closed doors about a lack of motivated attenders, stand up on your stage and let them know your needs.

With an honest, authentic voice, call-out the Christ followers who consider your church home. Let them know the manpower and money it takes for Sundays and other events to happen. When they realize that they are needed far beyond the seats they enjoy each week – that they are a crucial part of the church’s ability to reach more people for Jesus – volunteers will rise up.

Quotes from This Episode

CCLP 015: Mark Clark on Apologetics for Unchurched Canadians, the Expansion of Village Church and Finding Personal Margin Click To Tweet CCLP 015: Mark Clark on Apologetics for Unchurched Canadians, the Expansion of Village Church and Finding Personal Margin Click To Tweet CCLP 015: Mark Clark on Apologetics for Unchurched Canadians, the Expansion of Village Church and Finding Personal Margin Click To Tweet

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Next Episode: Jeff Lockyer

Jeff Lockyer is the lead pastor of Southridge Community Church, a multi-site missional community across the Niagara Region of Ontario, and the Board Chair of Willow Creek Association Canada.  He talks about leadership, change in the church, and how to impact your community.

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