CNLP 410: John Ramstead on Training for Top Gun, Quick Decision-Making in Crisis and Becoming Resilient

John Ramstead shares leadership skills drawn from flight school and from the cockpit of F-14A Tomcat fighter jet and shares principles that apply to all crisis leadership.

After suffering three life-altering injuries, John also talks about how to be resilient in the face of suffering and setbacks.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey talks about what the 2020’s are going to be like.

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Insights From John

1. When entering a new school or career, look for the top-dog that’s a couple years ahead of you, and learn from them

When John was just entering the military, his dad gave him the best advice he’s ever received. He said:

“John, when you get down there, there’s going to be a student a couple of years ahead of you that everybody’s going to be talking about and is going to be the ace of the base. He is doing something different. You need to go find that guy, buy him a beer, and ask him if he will share with you what he’s doing.”

Following this advice led John to graduate at the top of his class and set himself apart from everyone else. If you want to succeed like John did, find someone who is already succeeding at what you want to do, and learn everything you can from them.

2. When making quick decisions, follow the O-O-D-A framework

As a fighter pilot, John had to learn to make extremely quick high-quality decisions. To do this, he deployed the OODA framework.

OODA stand for:
Observe – You need to observe what’s changing in the world around you.
Orient – You need to position yourself so that you can know everything you need to know to make a decision.
Decide – You make a decision.
Act – You need to immediately act on that decision.

When you combine this framework with a lot of training and mental preparation, you’ll be able to make outstanding split-second decisions that aren’t just based on your gut.

3. As a mentee, don’t squander an opportunity when it’s available

When you get an opportunity to learn from a great leader, take their offer immediately, and find a way to let them know that their investment turned into something great.

An example of this would be following up with them a week later, and describing what actions you took as a result of the advice they gave you. Or, you could send them a hand-written thank you note that describes what your biggest takeaways were, and how you plan to apply them.

Quotes from Episode 410

It is incumbent upon us to be able to make a decision without all the facts more now than ever. @JohnRamstead Click To Tweet As a mentee, add value first. @JohnRamstead Click To Tweet Find somebody that has succeeded in what you want to do, then figure out what they did to achieve that success. @JohnRamstead Click To Tweet If you have a core team that can operate in this pace of change, you are going to dominate your industry. @JohnRamstead Click To Tweet We can do good through doing good business and having this eternal impact on the lives of those people that are around us. @JohnRamstead Click To Tweet All things work together for good, right? Maybe not my good in the short term, but God's good. @JohnRamstead Click To Tweet To be the best leader possible, I have to really get to know my people. @JohnRamstead Click To Tweet Agility is the best antidote to instability. Click To Tweet Get out of the weekly-formed, strongly-held opinions that dominate so much of dialogue today, and then become a student. Click To Tweet Deep leadership will be up to the challenge. Shallow leadership won't. Click To Tweet

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CNLP 410: John Ramstead on Training for Top Gun, Quick Decision-Making in Crisis and Becoming Resilient

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