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CNLP 151: Mark Clark on Apologetics for Post-Christian, Post-Modern Young Adults: Sex, Hell, Science and So Much More

Mark Clark pastors one of Canada’s largest and fastest growing churches. Attracting thousands of young adults, Mark has a unique approach to apologetics and preaching that’s connecting with a post-Christian, post-modern generation. Welcome to Episode 151 of the podcast. Guest Links Mark’s website Mark on Twitter Mark on Instagram Mark on Facebook  Links Mentioned…

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church grows

7 Things That Get Harder as Your Church Grows

Ever think that growth will solve all your problems? It’s tempting to believe that. I know, because I still fall into that line of thinking unless I stop myself. I’d be the first to admit that I’d rather be part of something that’s growing than something that’s stuck or dying, but growth doesn’t mean your…

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stalling out

9 Signs Your Church is Stalling Out

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether or not your church or organization is making progress or whether it’s about to stall out. Sure, you can look at attendance and giving numbers. But by then…it’s often too late. The damage is done by the time you see a slowing or decline in those numbers. And those two numbers…

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wrong motives

5 Wrong Motives for Church Growth

So you want your church to grow. Wonderful. Here’s a challenging question: why? Your motivation for wanting your church to grow is important for several reasons. First, it’s the church. It’s not your church, it’s God’s. And one day you’ll give an account to God for what you did with what he entrusted you and why…

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conflict at church

7 Healthy Ways To Resolve Conflict at Church or Work

So you’re dealing with a conflict and you’re feeling some tension with someone you work with or someone you serve with at church. Join the club. But rather than let it linger, address it. The stakes are simply too high. I’m increasingly convinced many churches simply don’t grow because they suffer from conflict and that…

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church growth strategies

10 Church Growth Strategies That Cost Zero Dollars

So you want your church to accomplish its mission and reach people. But so often in church leadership, it’s easy to believe growth can’t really happen unless you spend money on some new initiatives. And that leaves a lot of church leaders stuck. Why? Because the vast majority of churches are underfunded, not over-funded. Faced with a…

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CNLP 010: How to Rapidly Navigate Change in a Traditional Church Context – An Interview with Ron Edmondson

How you do you navigate change when your context is really…traditional? Sometimes the very idea can seem impossible. In today’s interview, Ron Edmondson shares several important principles that have helped him and his team lead significant change at a plateaued traditional church and more than double attendance in under two years. AND, don’t miss my…

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