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The 10 Best Posts of 2017 As Voted By You

2017 was an incredible year of change, in the world, in the church and often, in your life. You, the readers, also made it the best year to date on the blog. I can’t thank you enough for the encouragement, the interaction, the ideas and the friendships we make online. The blog was accessed over…

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7 Things Every Growing Church Struggles With

It’s easy to believe that there will come a day when your church will never struggle and you’ll never struggle as a leader. As tempting as that is to believe, it’s just not true. Every church struggles. And every leader struggles. And—yes—even growing churches struggle. I outlined the struggles smaller churches experience in my post 5 Tensions Every Small To…

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7 Things That Will Drive Future Church Growth

You got into church leadership because you wanted to introduce people to Jesus. That’s pretty much how all of us begin, isn’t it? And yet every year, it seems to get harder to reach people. It’s not for lack of effort. Most church leaders try hard, pray hard and do their very best to advance…

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10 Things Your Kids Will Learn from Your Marriage

I’m on vacation with my family, and today’s post is a guest post from Doug Fields. Doug is one of the leaders who has set the pace for student ministry leaders over the last number of years, and he’s weathered the tensions that inevitably arise between leaders and ministry only to come out strong in…

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