CNLP 192: Caleb Kaltenbach on How to Embrace an Outraged and Polarized Culture Most Leaders No Longer Like

In a polarized culture filled with a growing number of angry people, how do you find your voice, counter arguments and keep your sanity?

Messy Grace author Caleb Kaltenbach is back with a fresh look on how to embrace a culture of outrage and division. Conservatives and liberals both struggle to respond to the changes around them, let alone to one another. Caleb offers and outlines option for the culture that merits every leader’s attention.

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3 Insights from This Episode

1. There are 3 Ways People Engage (or don’t engage) in Our Constantly Changing Society

We live in a divided culture. Historically, it’s always been this way, but the tensions of the current climate have stirred up a great deal of fear in many Christians.

Fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just depends on how you manage it. We fear what we don’t understand and can’t control. In Caleb’s new book, God of Tomorrow , he shares 3 ways Christians choose to manage their fears when engaging a society that is constantly challenging moral values.

  1. Aggressively Fighting with a Broken Society – viewing the opposition as the enemy
  2. Surrendering and Fully Hopping on Board with Society – ignoring the tough subjects for the sake of not hurting others or stirring up conflict
  3. Investing in Society with Empathy and Conviction – abstaining from negativity with a listening ear,  while still standing up for values and injustice. 

2. Social Media Filters Are Always a Good Idea

We all know social media has its good and bad sides. Most times, it seems the bad upstages the good – or at least grabs the biggest attention. Engaging in it can be tempting, especially with the best of intentions when it comes to topics close to your heart. Caleb offers 3 simple and smart tips to consider before sending that next potentially damaging post.

Don’t post something online if…

1. You wouldn’t say it to someone’s face.

2. It doesn’t apply to a majority of your followers.

3. It doesn’t lead to encouragement.

3. Allowing Difficult People In Our Lives Creates Opportunities for Jesus to Move

The easiest way to rid your life of difficult people is to kick them out or remove yourself from their paths, but the only person that serves is yourself and in the end, can lead to a callused, empty heart.

There’s nothing wrong with maintaining a healthy level of boundaries when it comes to protecting yourself (and in extreme cases, separation is absolutely necessary), but when you separate from people who are different than you, you are running away from the opportunity to be made more like Jesus. It’s a commitment you are called to make over and over again, because there’s always a chance that God can use you to make a change in the life of someone who needs Him.

Quotes from This Episode

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Next Episode: Clay Scroggins  

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CNLP 192: Caleb Kaltenbach on How to Embrace an Outraged and Polarized Culture Most Leaders No Longer Like


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  6. […] CNLP 192: Caleb Kaltenbach on How to Embrace an Outraged and Polarized Culture Most Leaders No Longe… […]

  7. Bill on May 15, 2018 at 12:59 pm

    There are so many clusters of dysfunctions that surround our lack of humility/empathy/hospitality, but if we allow the Gospel to change us and the Spirit to lead us, a great harvest could be in store. And if there isn’t a harvest, being people of peace and compassion is its own reward.
    This may be the best podcast I’ve ever heard!

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