CNLP 436: Louie Giglio Weighs in on Church Online, What Separates Elite Leaders from Second Tier Leaders, and the Enemy in Your Head

Louie Giglio returns to the podcast and weighs in on church online, what the next generation is looking for, what he sees elite leaders doing that separates them from others, and how to battle the enemy in your head.

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Plus, in this episode’s Ask Me Anything About Productivity segment, Carey answers Stacy’s question about how to have a productive life, not just seasons.

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Insights From Louie

1. Elite leaders focus on what they’re doing, not on the people holding them back

Every day, you face attacks on your identity and your security as a leader. These attacks will test how secure you are in your calling, and if you’re a Christian, your security in God’s calling on your life.

Louie has found that elite leaders are secure enough in their calling that they don’t focus on the people who are causing issues in their lives, but naturally focus on the projects that they’re working on.

2.  The impact of technology

While technology has brought a lot of good and has made a lot possible, Louie questions its impact on people’s neurological and sociological health. Louie recommends that you ask yourself daily, “Am I using technology or is technology using me?”

3. You can’t force the enemy away from your table

Too often, we as leaders let the enemy have a seat at our table. And to get him away from our table, you’d assume you need to push him away. But, Louie has found that you can’t just push the enemy away from your table. The best way to get the enemy away from your table is to bring truth to your table.

Quotes from Episode 436

As soon as you stop creating, your organization starts dying. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet You can't fight a lie. You can only replace a lie. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet Wake up and do what God has called you to do, and be secure in that. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet The closed fist, God cannot fill. But the empty hand and the open hand, God can fill. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet Insecurity opens a four-car garage to having the enemy at your table because it puts you in a defensive mindset. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet You can't get the enemy away from your table by fighting the enemy out of your table. You get the enemy away from your table by inviting truth to your table. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet Secure leaders are able to walk into an organization and not take stock every day of like, ‘Who's with me and who's not with me?’ @louiegiglio Click To Tweet What the pandemic taught us is that the flex is essential. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet I have never seen more people have exposure to the gospel maybe in my lifetime than in the last 18 months. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet I can tell you story after story of real people who had no gospel on their horizon, who are now alive in Christ, because they heard the gospel through some electronic social media connectivity. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet I believe that the church that will survive is the church that people come to, because God is worthy and they want to come bring their offering, collectively, to God. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet Staying true to the spirit leading the gathering, and not being dictated by the red light, is going to be the key for the church to really be what it needs to be in this next season. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet When I have conversations with other leaders, it's amazing to me how the elite leaders talk about things they're working on. And the next tiers down leaders talk about the people they're working with. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet The way to grow your business and your organization is to open your hands not to close your hands. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet The only way the enemy can tell me that I'm not going to make it through this situation is that I've made it through every situation that he told me I wasn't going to make it through. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet The urgent always crowds out the important. – Stephen Covey Click To Tweet Take what you're best at, and do it when you’re at your best, and that will produce exponential productivity. Click To Tweet

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CNLP 436: Louie Giglio Weighs in on Church Online, What Separates Elite Leaders from Second Tier Leaders, and the Enemy in Your Head


  1. Ed Chapman on August 17, 2021 at 2:31 pm

    So correct me if I’m over-simplifying, but Giglio does here tell pastors: “Don’t focus on the people who are causing issues in their lives, but naturally focus on the projects that they’re working on.” I put that alongside Jesus’ insistence, in His final directions to “elite leader” Peter, that he “feed My sheep.”
    Trusting we all understand how metaphors work, here’s the deal with sheep. Sheep are the people in your church. Jesus calls them “My sheep,” meaning they belong to God, not you. Sheep aren’t inanimate projects. They are neither dumb or voiceless. When they sense danger or wrongdoing, they bleet in protest. They are likely to speak up when they are abandoned, gaslamped, or otherwise dismissed from the table.
    Rejecting real human beings whose spiritual nourishment God has sovereignly assigned to your care in favor of your “projects” is a clear miss.

    • Carey Nieuwhof on August 18, 2021 at 11:50 am

      Hi Ed, the enemy Louie is talking about isn’t a person. 🙂 Tune in to the podcast for more context to the quote and conversation, I think you’ll really appreciate it.

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