CNLP 314: Louie Giglio on How to Take the Relentless Pressure Off Yourself as a Leader, and What’s Changing in Getting People to Attend Live Events

In an era where it’s getting harder and harder to draw a crowd to a live event, Louie Giglio talks about why Passion just hosted its largest event in history, and why people still gather for some events while skipping others.

Louie also opens up about how he’s battled with a relentless pressure he’s put on himself as a leader, and how to be easier on yourself without letting your standards slip. Plus, he talks about how the next generation is struggling with fatherlessness and anxiety.

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3 Insights from Louie

1. People are willing to sign up for moments and movements, more than content

We all have probably noticed that many of the events that had 1,000 people at them 10 years ago are now closer to 500 people. This is a widespread epidemic that is happening everywhere. So why is it happening? And what are the events that are still growing doing differently?

Carey and Louie discussed an idea that people used to show up to events to hear great content. But now, there is an excess of great content on the internet, so people don’t need to come to these great events for that. So now, why do they come? They come for moments that they couldn’t get anywhere else, and to be a part of a movement that they believe in.

2. We are the one’s putting the most pressure on ourselves

Louie has realized over the last year that the person putting the most pressure on him is ultimately himself. It’s his brain that convinces himself that “every sermon he gives needs to be the best he’s ever preached,” or “every podcast I’m on needs to be the best podcast ever!” He has learned that that pressure is extremely unnecessary.

If Louie continues to push through and live at this level of intensity, he could end up burning out, or just not serving his wife all that well. So how is he changing this? He is beginning to undergo a big mindset shift. He is trying to replace the thoughts above with, “This doesn’t have to be the best thing ever. This just has to be faithful to what God is calling me to do with this opportunity.”

3. We all have something inside us that wants our father’s approval

When you look at people, history, and a lot of the Bible, you see that there is something really significant about a father’s blessing in a child’s life. Not to say that a mother’s blessing isn’t important, but a father’s role in a child’s life is one of the most formative forces in someone’s life, and we carry that into leadership.

Many people won’t admit it, but Louie thinks that everyone has an internal drive to know that they are loved and accepted by their father. We act this out in our careers, marriages, and pick-up basketball games. We are always striving for acceptance. So, when we are growing up, and we have a healthy dad in the house, who isn’t too needy or absent, our lives are already ahead of many other people.

Quotes from Episode 314

My putting too much pressure on myself has turned the delight into duty. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet

Oftentimes, we just are not kind to ourselves in leadership. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet

I'm discovering my problems are not external pressures. They're internal pressures. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet

Just doing the same thing over and over and over is very difficult. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet

I think intrinsic in people is a desire to know that they have pleased their dad. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet

A needy person that happens to be a parent is a needy parent. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet

When you're 35, 40, 45, the best lesson you can learn is, 'I don't need to be cool.' They already know I'm not cool. I need to be authentic. @louiegiglio Click To Tweet

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CNLP 314: Louie Giglio on How to Take the Relentless Pressure Off Yourself as a Leader, and What’s Changing in Getting People to Attend Live Events


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