CNLP 419: Brett Hagler on Becoming Truly Innovative, Launching Out of Y Combinator, and How to Be More Entrepreneurial

Brett Hagler, co-founder of New Story, was the first non-profit to launch out of Y Combinator, a startup school for founders that has incubated companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, Coinbase, Reddit and DoorDash.

He shares the lessons he learned on being a startup, and how your business or church can foster a culture and network of leaders conducive to true innovation.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey talks about how you end up sabotaging your innovation.

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Insights From Brett

1. When you take big risks, you need to cast a big, bold vision

One of the things that set Brett and his team apart is that they are willing to be bold, dream big, and aim high, even when it seems crazy. Because of the boldness of their mission, they’ve attracted some very bold leaders onto their team that are making those things happen.

2. To start something that scales, do things that aren’t scalable

One of the mantras that Brett and his team learned at Y Combinator was that, “It’s better to have a thousand people love you than a million people kind of like you.” This motivates them to do unscalable things that has created raving fans for as long as possible.

One way they’ve done this is by making personalized, short thank you videos for every single donation they received. While that idea isn’t scalable long-term, it helped them get their first 1,000 raving fans and accelerated the growth of their organization.

3. You have everything you need to become more innovative

When asked how churches and non-profits can become more innovative, Brett recommended finding the most innovative people who attend your church, or are bought into the mission of your organization, and ask them for help.

Get those highly innovative people together, and have them brainstorm what you could be doing differently or better, and listen to them.

Quotes from Episode 419

Innovation is a choice. @BrettHagler Click To Tweet Bold ideas attract bold people. @BrettHagler Click To Tweet Preparation begets confidence. @BrettHagler Click To Tweet People that need innovation most will be the ones to get it last. @BrettHagler Click To Tweet Without the risk, you're not going to get the out-sized returns. @BrettHagler Click To Tweet Incremental change gets you incremental results. Click To Tweet What are you doing that would be crazy until it's not? @BrettHagler Click To Tweet You have to have the guts to try something knowing that it might not work. @BrettHagler Click To Tweet Really good, young talent want to be around people that are going to sharpen them and make them better. @BrettHagler Click To Tweet Try things that make you vulnerable and that are risky but have a chance to get someone's attention in a different way. @BrettHagler Click To Tweet When you feel like you've really gotten knocked down, or something really didn't go the way that you planned, if you persevere and have faith, you never know how the dots can connect. @BrettHagler Click To Tweet If the current crisis is a disruption, leaders who see it as an interruption should be prepared to be further disrupted. Click To Tweet Just because you found something that works, doesn't mean you've found what works best. Click To Tweet Just because you've made progress, doesn't mean you've realized your potential. Click To Tweet Don't let your fatigue make decisions for you. Click To Tweet The best leaders do not wait for circumstances to disrupt them. They decide to disrupt themselves. Click To Tweet

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CNLP 419: Brett Hagler on Becoming Truly Innovative, Launching Out of Y Combinator, and How to Be More Entrepreneurial

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