CNLP 402: Michael Arrieta on the Keys to Rapid and Sustained Growth, Lessons from Silicon Valley, and the Pitfalls of Success

Michael Arrieta shares lessons on rapid growth, talent acquisition and keys to running a thriving organization from his experience as a young entrepreneur who has worked at or launched a number of startups.

He also shares how his early years of success almost led to his demise, and what every organization needs to know to grow.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey shares 5 signs your character might be imploding.

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Carey’s Daily Email

5 Signs Your Character is Slowly Imploding by Carey Nieuwhof

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Insights From Michael

1. People support what they help create

The number one leadership lesson that Mike would give is, “People support what they help create.” If you want your team to support one of your initiatives, you must have them be part of the creation process. If they help create it, they will help support it.

Whenever you have a new idea as a leader, talk it through with your team and ask what they think could make it better. When you do this, they will much more likely put all of their energy behind that new idea.

2. Integrate your go-to-market strategy with your fundraising strategy

Whenever you’re fundraising for something new, whether it’s a church plant or a startup, Mike recommends that you integrate your go-to-market strategy with your fundraising strategy. He did this with DocuSign. They asked Microsoft to be an early investor in the product, and then got DocuSign working for every Microsoft employee.

You can do the same thing with church plants. Look for the 10-12 most influential people in your target demographic, and ask if they want to help invest in your new church plant. Then, when you start trying to grow, they’re already on your team.

3. As someone in ministry, pay extra close attention to the health of your marriage

Whenever Mike meets a young leader who’s considering going into ministry, the first thing he tells them is to watch over their marriage. He says this to pastors, specifically, because in the business space, he has friends who say, “Hey Mike, you’re becoming a workaholic.” But, in ministry, people see it as, “Oh look at how faithful you are,” when you work long hours. Try to avoid this at all costs as a ministry leader.

Quotes from Episode 402

If you want raving fans, have raving employees first. @MikeArrieta Click To Tweet People support what they help create. @MikeArrieta Click To Tweet What others probably think of you, they're probably right. @MikeArrieta Click To Tweet Failure is an equation to success. @MikeArrieta Click To Tweet If you don't know where you're trying to go, it's impossible to get there. @MikeArrieta Click To Tweet Give it your best not your all, because if you give anything your all, you have nothing left to give. @MikeArrieta Click To Tweet There's riches in the niches. Don't be everything to everyone. @MikeArrieta Click To Tweet If you want to tackle very complex problems, you have to hire wicked smart people. @MikeArrieta Click To Tweet With every yes, there's a no. @MikeArrieta Click To Tweet Know who you are and know who you're not. And then, go find the best person to fill your gaps. @MikeArrieta Click To Tweet Instead of competing against your biggest competitors, find creative ways to partner with them. @MikeArrieta Click To Tweet When your back's against the wall, that's when your true colors show. @MikeArrieta Click To Tweet Character rarely implodes suddenly. It's almost always a slow erosion, so you want to make sure your talk matches your walk. Click To Tweet Any growing gap between your private walk and your public talk shows that your character is slowly imploding. Click To Tweet When my character has been at its weakest, it's a sure sign that grace is in short supply. Click To Tweet Grace runs out in your life when God runs out in your life. So if you need more grace, you need more God. Click To Tweet If your leadership ends up becoming all about you, you've kind of stopped leading. Click To Tweet Leaders who justify their bad behavior lose their ability to lead. Click To Tweet

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CNLP 402: Michael Arrieta on the Keys to Rapid and Sustained Growth, Lessons from Silicon Valley, and the Pitfalls of Success

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