Podcaster, author and speaker, Ryan Hawk, has interviewed some of the top names in leadership including Jim Collins, Seth Godin, Liz Wiseman and Gen. Stanley McChrystal. But a few years ago, he knew no one of that caliber in leadership.

Ryan shares how his unique approach (learned in sales) opened doors to world-class leaders, and how leaders can go from top performers to true leaders.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey talks about 4 things church leaders are thinking right now, but they’re afraid to say out loud.

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Welcome to Management by Ryan Hawk

The Learning Leader Show with Ryan Hawk

The Learning Leader Show with Ryan Hawk Featuring Jim Collins

Good to Great by Jim Collins

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

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What Church Leaders are (Really) Thinking in 2020 by Carey Nieuwhof


1. When cold calling people, think, “No just means not yet”

Ryan’s first real job after professional athletics was selling a new system for lawyers to use in their practices. It was a really difficult job. He was making 70-80 cold calls a day, and he had to find a way to get on the phone or into the inbox of high-performing lawyers.

Ryan was told “no” a lot, and rather than becoming discouraged, Ryan decided to take “no” as “not yet.” If he didn’t make the sale or set the meeting, he believed he just hadn’t approached them with the right offer at the right time. He knew it would work eventually.

This skillset has beautifully transferred into podcasting. Ryan has been able to book some amazing podcast guests (like Jim Collins and Seth Godin) by being persistent and taking their “no” as “not yet.”

2. Every organization grows one person at a time

If you are trying to reach more people, whether you are a church or business leader, one of the best ways to grow is by taking great care of your current audience. When you take extremely good care of your people, word of mouth marketing will begin to work for your organization. Carey and Ryan both do this by calling their people randomly, responding to their emails directly, or finding other ways to personally surprise their followers.

As you grow, it’s easy to forget that your audience truly does grow one person at a time. The owners of Airbnb say that, “If you want your business to scale, you need to do unscalable things.” You need to create a relationship with your audience, and relationships aren’t scalable.

3. If you want to accomplish your goals, you should get a personal Mentor Board of Advisors (MBA)

One of the keys to Ryan’s success is the board of mentors and coaches that he has surrounded himself with throughout his career. Whatever goal Ryan chases, he sets up his own MBA to help him accomplish that goal. So for writing a book, he has an MBA of great authors, for speaking, he has an MBA of speakers, etc…

If you want to succeed in something, putting together your own MBA is critical. Carey set one up for himself as he transitioned from his church and towards building his own platform, and he has found it to be extremely helpful. If you want to grow, take this step.

Quotes from Episode 350

The why is important, the what is important, but who you are will be the single greatest determining factor in your long-term success. @RyanHawk12 Click To Tweet

Success is like one in a lot. You're going to fail almost every single time, and you have to be okay with that. @RyanHawk12 Click To Tweet

No just means not yet. @RyanHawk12 Click To Tweet

Leadership is the art of persuasion. @cnieuwhof Click To Tweet

Leaders need to be proactive, but leaders also need to be responsive. @RyanHawk12 Click To Tweet

One of the ways to lead yourself is to get a true understanding of self. @RyanHawk12 Click To Tweet

The combination of thoughtfulness and intentionality are two critical skills to develop for anyone who wants to be an effective leader. @RyanHawk12 Click To Tweet

Sales is about listening. Sales is about understanding pain points. @RyanHawk12 Click To Tweet

Sales is about figuring out current state, figuring out desired state, seeing how big that gap is, and then showing how your solution could help fill that gap. @RyanHawk12 Click To Tweet

Anger is a pretty ineffective evangelism strategy. @cnieuwhof Click To Tweet

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CNLP 350: Ryan Hawk on How to Get in the Door with World Class Leaders, Dealing with Rejection, and How to Go from Top Performer to Great Leader

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