CNLP 408: Jon Acuff on Reinventing Yourself During Crisis, Pro Tips on How to Create Better Content Online, and the Surprising Solution to Overthinking

New York Times bestselling author, Jon Acuff, returns to the podcast to talk about how he reinvented himself in 2020 when his speaking career came to an abrupt halt thanks to the pandemic.

Jon also shares insights on how to reinvent yourself online, pro tips on creating content for YouTube, podcasting and social media, and discusses his new book on how to stop overthinking issues.

Welcome to Episode 408 of the podcastListen and access the show notes below or search for the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts and listen for free.

Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey talks about how you know when you can trust your gut and when you can’t.

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Insights From Jon

1. How to reinvent yourself

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a lot of people scrambling to maintain or generate new income—especially for those in the speaking industry, like Jon. With moments like these, Jon suggests asking yourself the question, “What would have made this season easier?” And then he says, “Go build that thing.” Sometimes that means leaning into experts in different fields, asking how they found success, and realizing it’s never too late to learn something new.

2. Finding your wine ideas

One thing that Jon is never lacking is new ideas. He calls himself a “new idea guy.” The problem, he notes, is shaping and honing new ideas. So, try wine ideas—the idea of knowing yes, some ideas, you’ll get them right out, but some ideas, you may go, “Okay, I can put that on a shelf. I’m going to add a bunch of ideas. I’m going to let it grow. I’m going to let it age, in a way. Then when I do it, it’s going to be awesome. But I’m going to give it time to kind of turn into the idea it needs to be.”

3. Retire your broken soundtracks with new anthems

Via content from his newest book, Soundtracks, Jon defines soundtracks as, “A repetitive thought. A thought you get stuck on a loop. Overthinking—as when what you think gets in the way of what you want, and it always leads to inaction.” He says you have to retire your broken soundtracks and replace them with new ones, and then repeat them so often they become as automatic as the old ones. By reframing soundtracks into new anthems, you create an opportunity to look for the good in things you might have thought were bad.

Quotes from Episode 408

Overthinking is not a personality trait. It's the most expensive fear in the world because it steals time, creativity and productivity. @JonAcuff Click To Tweet You don't get to learn if you're busy pretending. @JonAcuff Click To Tweet Ask yourself, 'What would have made this season easier?' And then, go build that thing. @JonAcuff Click To Tweet One of the hardest things about learning something new is the perceived shame that you don't already know it. @JonAcuff Click To Tweet You're only going to disappoint more people the more successful you are. @JonAcuff Click To Tweet We are the worst judges of our own ideas. @JonAcuff Click To Tweet Your thoughts impact your actions, which impacts your results. @JonAcuff Click To Tweet Self-kindness is a superpower. @JonAcuff Click To Tweet Most people think a thought is something they have, not something they hone. @JonAcuff Click To Tweet You never have to go look for negative thoughts. They find you. You have to look for hope thoughts. @JonAcuff Click To Tweet My imagination of what I can create in 24 hours is way bigger than what I can execute in 24 hours. That's not failure, that's a gift. @JonAcuff Click To Tweet Has your intuition, has your gut been reliable in the past? Because sometimes it's your gut that gets you into trouble. Click To Tweet Is my gut reaction consistent or inconsistent with Scripture? Click To Tweet 5 years from now, what will I wish I had done? Click To Tweet Wisdom is often disguised as other people. Click To Tweet

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CNLP 408: Jon Acuff on Reinventing Yourself During Crisis, Pro Tips on How to Create Better Content Online, and the Surprising Solution to Overthinking


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