CNLP 247: Clay Scroggins and Brad Lomenick Roundtable On Future Trends, The Attractional Church, The Rise of Charismatic Churches, And The Most Difficult Parts of Leadership

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Everything’s changing in the church and culture so fast, how do you respond? In this year’s Rethink Leadership Roundtable, Clay Scroggins and Brad Lomenick join Carey to talk about future trends in culture and the church, whether attractional church has peaked, the rise of charismatic churches and more.

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3 Insights from this Episode

1.  The leaders of today and the future will be the curators

There is no shortage of information available to us in our modern world. You can become an expert on anything after a quick google. The leaders of the future will not necessarily be the leaders that create the newest and best content, but the leaders who can filter through all of the noise in our modern world and pull out the few helpful, practical bits of information.

You don’t have to be the one to write ten articles. You can write one and then link to 9 other articles and be just as helpful. People are looking for a helpful filter to view the world through. People need more content than one person can produce.

Check out Brad Lomenick’s curated list of trends: New Things To Check Out

2. The church has to shift from downloadable to transcendent experiences

If our services continue to be something that can be downloaded, they will. And people will continue to stop showing up on Sundays. How do we change this? If we can create an experience that transcends this world, that connects people to Jesus in ways that can not be repeated on a screen, then we will begin to keep people together.

The reason to gather “because it’s biblical” just isn’t working anymore. We have to find more and better reasons for people to prioritize physically gathering in community. We need to offer a better “why” as the Church. Carey’s church has begun connecting people into relationship much sooner to help people see what the church is truly about.

Another key shift with this change is a shift where churches are both attractive and experiencial. We have a lot of churches that can reach people through their heart, and we have a lot of churches that can reach people through their heads. We need churches that can do both. Life.Church is a great example of this right now.

3. The local church is replacing institutions as influencers.

You use to have to go to a record label to make a world-famous album. Now if you look at the iTunes top 100 Christian artist list you see just as many local church bands being featured as you are seeing major recording artists. You see the same trend in colleges. You are seeing more and more leadership training colleges within the local church and less and less major institutions.

You no longer need a million dollars to launch a viral program. Local churches like Elevation Worship, Bethel Music, and churches that have partnered with Southeastern University are putting these programs that were previously unavailable to the local church inside of local churches all over the world. This is a shift that will continue to evolve in the coming years.

Quotes from Episode 247

We are drowning in a sea of information. The crisis today is not a shortage of information, it's a shortage of meaning. @cnieuwhof Click To Tweet It’s easier to be an expert on something now, you can read a couple articles on something and sound like an expert. @clayscroggins Click To Tweet If your church experiences can be downloaded, they will. @clayscroggins Click To Tweet “The reason to gather “because it’s biblical” just isn’t working anymore. We have to find more and better reasons for people to prioritize physically gathering in community.” @clayscroggins Click To Tweet We don’t follow Jesus because we have to, we follow Jesus because we realize it’s better. @clayscroggins Click To Tweet When planning a service, you can manipulate or you can evoke. Never cross the line from evoking to manipulation. @cnieuwhof Click To Tweet The leader of the future and the leader of now is really going to be the curator much more than the aggregator of content. @bradlomenick Click To Tweet Smart leaders are always asking the question behind the question. @bradlomenick Click To Tweet You don’t have to be the one to write ten articles. You can write one and then link to 9 other articles and be just as helpful. @bradlomenick Click To Tweet The best leaders are the most emotionally healthy leaders, but you have to shut down the noise to get there. @clayscroggins Click To Tweet I want all of God. @bradlomenick Click To Tweet Leadership is hard. If you are in the game, it is going to be tough. @clayscroggins Click To Tweet

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