CNLP 052: How Craig Groeschel Stays Healthy, Relevant and Passionate in Ministry

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It’s one thing to develop great strategy for effective ministry, but it’s quite another to stay personally healthy and passionate in the midst of leading one of the fastest growing churches in the world.

Craig Groeschel gets personal as he talks to Carey about how he has stayed passionate and healthy over two decades of ministry.

Welcome to Episode 52 of the Podcast.

#Struggles: Following Jesus in a Selfie-Centered World

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3 Things You Can Do Right Away

You can be one of the most influential leaders in your community and still struggle with discouragement and inadequacy. Craig Groeschel tells us how he stays fueled in his ministry.

  1. Discover what keeps your passion white hot. Craig said he grew up going to church but didn’t follow Christ, so he developed a massive passion to bring people to God. “Put me in a room full of lost people, and I come to life,” Craig expressed emphatically. He says you’ve got to find that thing that breaks your heart, and stay close to that to keep you motivated. If you lose that, find something else that creates a divine hunger inside of your heart. Additionally, live in prayer so you can contemplate the goodness of God in your work, in your routine and in your life. If you give yourself permission to be close to God in nontraditional ways, it’s can be liberating.
  2. Take care of your body. Craig is committed to his routine in the gym and in his diet because he knows if he cares for himself, he can bring the best his best self to everything God puts in front of him. “It was more of a spiritual decision than a physical decision,” he said. “I want to bring everything to God to serve Him, so I take it seriously.” It’s also important that you give yourself time off from work, so you can recharge the other elements in your life that make you feel complete, whether it’s your family, your marriage or a hobby.
  3. Learn from everyone and anyone you can. You can learn from anyone because everyone has a story. You don’t have to learn from someone who’s “bigger” than you are. You can find new ways to learn from others if you see the right opportunity to do so. Put yourself around people who give you the gift of disorientation, those who aren’t just one step ahead, but 5 to 20 steps in front of you. Pay the most attention to the places where you find yourself giving pushback, because you can learn the most where you don’t understand the context. Information is everywhere now. There’s no excuse not to learn.

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