CNLP 244: Scott Sauls On Why Non-Christians Hate Christians, Ineffective Evangelism and Resilience in a Turbulent World

Why do people outside the church show so much hostility toward or indifference to people inside the church?

Scott Sauls has some intriguing answers, plus we talk about the most effective and least effective evangelism strategies and how to stay resilient in a troubled world.

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3 Insights from Scott

1. Pain and conviction can keep us in a healthy place of humility

Scott argues that both success and failure can be dangerous to leaders. In both cases, a leader’s heart can move away from humility and to an unhealthy place of pride or self-absorption. The only people who can be effective at sharing the gospel are those who stay humble.

Humility is key in leading any organization. The problem is that when we succeed, we can begin to get prideful. So, as we begin to get more and more success we have to be more and more intentional about staying humble.

2. How have we made Christianity resistible?

To Scott, the answer to this question is obvious. The biggest thing making our faith resistible is the joining of Christianity and partisan politics. When we relate our Christianity to one side of the political agenda, we put on blinders and isolate the other side that disagrees with us.

We can be political people, but we cannot filter our Christianity through our political stance. Scott argues that we get into trouble when we begin to let other kingdoms become as important as the Kingdom of Jesus is within our own lives.

3. Kindness is key in making our faith irresistible again

Kindness is the primary way to win the world. The less “mean-spirited” we can become, the better. If we want to reach lost people, we should become less mean-spirited, too. All government is not bad (God was the one to invent it).

These are a few voices that transcend the noise of politics and are concerned with the real issues facing our world. These are the people we should model if we are going to make our faith irresistible again: Ann VoskampTim KellerRussell MooreEugene PetersonHenri Nouwen.

Most of these leaders are “too left for their conservative friends, and too right for their liberal friends.” Scott’s argument is that that position is right where we need to be.

Quotes from Episode 244

God invented government; man invented politics. @scottsauls Click To Tweet The failures and the disappointments have always lead to the most spiritually rich seasons of my life. @scottsauls Click To Tweet Start by defending somebody else’s rights before defending your own. @scottsauls Click To Tweet Gossip is just another form of pornography in which you undress someone and turn them into a thing in order to get a cheap thrill. @scottsauls Click To Tweet The heart that has no room for the poor has no room for God. @scottsauls Click To Tweet

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CNLP 244: Scott Sauls On Why Non-Christians Hate Christians, Ineffective Evangelism and Resilience in a Turbulent World


  1. HoosierConservative on February 19, 2019 at 11:58 am

    When I speak to my atheist/unbeliving friends about why they resist Christianity, I have personally never gotten an answer about politics. The two most common answers I hear are “Christians are stupid” and “Christians are vicious.”

  2. Melanie on February 13, 2019 at 12:07 pm

    This episode gave me such hope! I often feel that tension between being too liberal for my conservative friends and too conservative for my liberal friends. I am frustrated by Christians who equate their faith with their patriotism, or their political party. My heart breaks when I have Christian friends that talk about “those people” or “that person” with such ugly terms and statements that I truly question their faith.
    But there was so much hope in this discussion. There is a way forward. My favorite part was when Scott said, we need to be the best kind of enemies. The kind that as far as it depends on us, we don’t have enemies. He shared hope that people are not brought to faith because shouted them down in a debate, but they are brought to faith when we figure out how to love them where they are at!

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