CNLP 188: Jessica Bealer and Gina McClain on Why Leaders Quit, How to Develop Better Self-Esteem, Why Balance is a Joke and How to Grow Your Resilience

Jessica Bealer and Gina McClain have both led in major ministries for over a decade. They’ve also seen a lot of leaders not make it. What’s the difference?

In a super-candid discussion, Jessica and Gina talk about how to develop more resilience and build better self-esteem. They also talk about why, as working moms, they think balance is a joke and what to do about it.

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3 Insights from This Episode

1. Feeling like quitting doesn’t disqualify you from your calling

Everyone feels like quitting now and then. It’s a natural emotion to experience in frustrating seasons – a lie we hear in our heads offering a fast and simple way to get out of tough situations.

There’s a fine line between quitting your job and quitting your calling. More often than not, the triggers causing this urge to quit are problems to work through instead of a means to an end.  Just because you feel like quitting doesn’t disqualify you from your calling.

Here are some triggers to look out for so that you can stay healthy while leading in discouraging seasons.

-Not taking adequate time off.

-Having unrealistic expectations about the people you lead.

-Having unrealistic expectations about the pace of results you want to be seeing in your projects.

-Feeling like no one cares or is listening to what you have to say.

-Feeling ill equipped and unconfident in your role.

-Struggling with relationships at home.

2. Resilient leaders find their identity in Christ alone

Ministry work is hard and requires a strong level of resilience. A self-confident, resilient leader understands that value and identity are rooted in Christ and nothing else.

Possessing this quality takes discipline by maintaining a healthy mindset in order to consistently see yourself the way God sees you – calling out the lies and replacing them with declarations of truth.

Here are some great tips for being a resilient leader:

-Stay organized and use your calendar wisely.

-Say no to some things so that you focus your time on what moves you closer to your overall goals.

-Know how to draw boundaries. Not everyone should have access to you and your inner thoughts.

-Find people who will stand in the gap for you and call you out when you’re wrong while supporting you with encouraging and constructive perspectives.

3. Limited resources are a blessing

Limited resources will always be a tension to be managed, no matter the budget. When operating in a smaller context it’s easy to look at larger organizations and wish you had what it seems they have. But it’s not beneficial at all to assume that more can be done with a bigger budget.

We all have a box to work with – and the limits within that box are actually a blessing. Limits make you prioritize and get creative with what you have. Without limitations, there’s a greater temptation to be wasteful and squander God’s gifts. It may be harder and more challenging, but oh so worth it.

Quotes from This Episode

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