Six Ways Your Church Can Use Texting to Engage More People

This post on churches and texting is written by Laura Pechenik, Demand Generation Marketing Manager at Gloo. 

As much as email has been a staple of communication for decades, texting is now emerging as one of the best ways for organizations to communicate with their people.

Texting is one of the most powerful communication tools churches can use in the digital age.

Unlike email, direct mail, and mobile apps, an astounding 98% of all text messages are opened by users, and 90% of texts are read in the first three minutes of delivery.

People of any age, demographic, and technical skill are already familiar with texting. They can seamlessly receive messages without downloading anything. Texting also feels more personal and allows for meaningful conversations.

With benefits like these, the most successful churches have realized that texting is an essential part of thriving engagement strategy.

From sending out announcements to organizing small groups, churches who want to stay relevant can’t afford to miss out on such an easy and cost-effective engagement solution.

That’s why we’ve laid out six quick texting tips that successful churches use to engage with their people.

Six Ways Churches Can Successfully Use Texting

#1: Engage People Between Sunday

Texting services make it easy to set up and manage unique journeys for individuals or groups. By creating custom plans such as a devotional series, members can stay engaged with your message throughout the week. Using this method, members receive a periodic text with helpful information to guide them on a personal path.

Examples of topics that churches can use include:

  • New Visitor Information
  • Preaching Calendar
  • Marriage Ministry
  • Morning Motivational Quote
  • Daily Call to Prayer

This custom engagement over a familiar medium like text messaging means that people don’t need to learn a new system. Each member can instantly access a tailored solution to match their needs and interests, creating a deeper connection away from church.

#2: Turn New Guests and Holiday Visitors into Engaged Members

When a new guest visits your church, starting a dialogue over text opens the door for more engagement and draws them in to participate in other church events and services.

Pastors can’t shake the hand of every new visitor during the holiday season when attendance increases. And many visitors may be embarrassed about their lack of attendance, leading them to avoid face-to-face encounters with church leaders.

Texting provides a way to personally greet new guests and begin a low-pressure conversation. This strategy can help nudge people into more regular involvement in the church.

Unlike the days of handing out paper visitor cards, texting is the start of a dialogue. Click To Tweet

#3: Keep Congregation Updated on Important Information

How often do you send an email blast out with important info, only to have people ask you questions they’d have the answer to if they read your email?

Texting broadcasts are an easy way to share important church updates and information quickly. Each member instantly gets a text and can respond with follow-up questions in real-time rather than having to wait until their next church visit.

Using a texting service helps ensure people will receive and read your update. It also allows a user to transition into discussing other topics and providing feedback, further increasing engagement at every touchpoint.

#4: Collect Prayer Requests

Texting is one of the easiest ways to capture prayer requests (here’s how you can 12x prayer requests using texting). By adding a unique QR code to church materials and sharing it with your community, anyone with a need can quickly scan the code and start texting a prayer request. Furthermore, they update to confirm someone prayed for them, giving a sense of genuine connection and confidence. 

Submitting a prayer request over text goes beyond a one-time message; it begins a conversation that builds stronger relationships and could even develop into future church attendance. 

Submitting a prayer request over text goes beyond a one-time message; it begins a conversation that builds stronger relationships. Click To Tweet

#5: Capture Feedback

Do you wish to instantly ask your congregation how they feel about your church services or an upcoming project? As we’ve discussed, unlike traditional methods, people read text messages, allowing for easy responses. This means texting platforms empower church members to share feedback in real-time and respond to surveys rather than opening a website or typing out an email. It also ensures feedback is captured so you can make informed decisions.

Next time church leadership contemplates a new initiative, a quick question or survey can be delivered to their congregation. This can even be done at church gatherings by putting a custom QR on a handout or screen to see how people feel about a topic instantly. Not only does this make capturing feedback easier than ever before, but it also makes your congregation feel heard in their church community.

#6: Make In-Real-Life Marketing More Effective

The great thing about texting is that it can also take your traditional marketing materials to the next level and add an interactive element. Next time you send out a direct mailer, flyer, or email, add a QR code, and recipients can instantly start a conversation and get access to relevant information. At the same time, the impression is still fresh in their mind.

Closing this feedback loop also enables you to measure physical marketing material impact better and generates valuable data instead of wondering how effective your campaign is. Having a QR code on materials lets anyone to strike up a real conversation with someone at your church and opens the pool of potential visitors by providing a comfortable way to interact and ask questions.

There is No Limit on How You Can Use Texting

These six tips are only the beginning.

Churches worldwide are finding new and creative ways to harness the power of texting and engage directly with current and prospective members. Texting may seem like a simple tool on the surface, but church texting platforms like Thryve add a technical foundation of powerful tools that enable churches to measure, organize, and interact with their people in new and exciting ways.

Churches worldwide are finding new and creative ways to harness the power of texting and engage directly with current and prospective members. Click To Tweet

By combining texting, the most effective digital communication method, with cutting-edge technology like natural language processing and machine learning, churches have access to state-of-the-art tools that enable their people to use a familiar solution.

Texting represents the future of effective church communication. New developments further enhance what your church can achieve via text messaging. You’re only limited by your imagination on how texting can be used to grow your ministry.

Stop waiting and start texting.

If You Don’t Already Have A Great Text Messaging Solution, Thryve Would Love To Help!

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It can help your church by:

  • Facilitate meaningful interactions through two-way conversations.
  • Provide immediate answers and helpful next steps.
  • Streamline communication with one easy-to-use platform.

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Six Ways Your Church Can Use Texting to Engage More People


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