CNLP 060: Sue Miller on the Key to Attracting and Engaging Amazing Volunteers

Why do some leaders attract and keep amazing volunteers while others don’t?

Sue Miller who effectively led volunteers for several decades shares the pivotal differences between teams that are winning and teams that are losing when it comes to volunteers.

Welcome to Episode 60 of the Podcast.


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Things You Can Do Right Away

Sue provides us with some amazing insights to recruiting the right volunteers that will propel your ministry. Here are a few keys to creating your ideal teams:

1. Raise the bar. Don’t recruit to a need, but keep your vision in the forefront. Volunteers want to be challenged. They want to do more and feel empowered. They’re excited to serve and truly want to feel as though they’re part of something bigger.  If we dumb down the vision, we take away from those who strive to let God use them to their full capacity.

2. Find the right volunteers. Look for somebody who really loves people. Sue says she like somebody who has the ability to develop others. Some people are great vision casters, but they’re not helpful to you if they don’t know how to develop people. That’s essentially what will keep your ministry going and growing. You want someone who can equip others, a shepherding leader that people will want to follow. You want someone who has energy, passion and people skills.

3. Build a sense of community and nurture it. Sue says she thinks think one’s serving experience could be so much better if we reach out to volunteers and ask questions. What things would we want to change about what we’re doing? Start small. Listen to your volunteers. They’ll tell you exactly what’s wrong and probably have a few solutions. Find out how they feel connected to the mission, to one another. Do they not feel included? Do they understand the mission? Know what you’re trying to remedy and let your volunteers step up.

Quotes from Sue

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  1. Nick Puccini on November 11, 2015 at 11:58 am

    Is the first of the “Quotes from Sue” correct? “Leaders should recruit to a need, not a vision.” What she says is that leaders do recruit to a need, but they should recruit to a vision.

    • Carey Nieuwhof on November 12, 2015 at 9:10 am

      Nick…you are so right. Fixed. Thank you!

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