Chris Heaslip launched 14 companies that didn’t work before he launched one that did. Growing from 1M to 100M in revenue in four years, Chris explains what happened, how it happened and how to navigate explosive growth.

He talks about burning out, coming back and launching his latest venture, Leadr, and why caring for your team is one of the most important competitive advantages any leader can have.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey shares productivity hacks that can make a difference and deliver way more than you think.

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9 Little Productivity Hacks That Deliver Way More Than You Think by Carey Nieuwhof

Carey’s Daily Email

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Insights From Chris

1. There are seeds of success in every failure

Before starting Pushpay, Chris started 14 other organizations that failed, but he didn’t let those failures crush him. One of the reasons is that he knew there are seeds of success within each of those failures. When he finally did start the massively successful organization Pushpay, he needed the lessons he learned from each of those failed startups.

2. Every successful leader has these 5 habits

  1. They recognize every one of their staff members for their unique strengths
  2. They have a coaching/one-to-one meeting with their staff at least every other week
  3. They have clear written-down goals
  4. They want written-down feedback
  5. They give their team members some type of career development plan

3. People are looking for 3 things from the church

Emerging into the post-COVID church, Chris sees 3 major things that people are looking to the church to provide:

  1. People are looking for community from the church
  2. People are looking to the church to provide great content
  3. People are looking for some kind of experience

The question is, how do you create those 3 things in your church?

Quotes from Episode 404

Stop thinking about not failing, and start thinking about how to grow. @ChrisHeaslip Click To Tweet If you can build something in stages, it's much better than taking a binary bet. @ChrisHeaslip Click To Tweet Your odds of success go up exponentially if you can approach things through building something slowly and methodically, adding value to people. @ChrisHeaslip Click To Tweet Stop trying to solve 10 problems, and make one decision that solves the 10 problems. @ChrisHeaslip Click To Tweet Culture is the connection between your beliefs and your behaviors. @ChrisHeaslip Click To Tweet The best leaders are not trying to hold on staff, but help grow them and promote them into their future destiny. @ChrisHeaslip Click To Tweet A team of people working together with complete unity, irrespective of the challenges, the lack of finances, can outperform almost anyone. @ChrisHeaslip Click To Tweet So much of leadership is about the individual who's the leader. And the thing that's never talked about is the team behind that. @ChrisHeaslip Click To Tweet When you start to have failure after failure, you start to say, 'Maybe I'm a failure.' @ChrisHeaslip Click To Tweet The way I've always approached my life is trying to distinguish between perceived failure and real failure. @ChrisHeaslip Click To Tweet Sleep is a secret leadership weapon. Click To Tweet

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Okay, so maybe your Calendar is killing you. What should you do about it?

Years ago, when I burned out, I completely restructured how I approach my calendar, and it has resulted in the most productive years of my life.

Since moving to this new calendar system, I have:

  • Spent more quality time with my wife and kids
  • Written 5 bestselling books
  • Produced and launched 4 (almost 5) online courses that thousands of leaders have taken
  • Started a highly successful leadership podcast
  • Started a top leadership blog that releases content 6 days a week
  • Led our church to over 1,000+ weekly attenders
  • Started my own company

How was I able to do all of that? It’s all in how I structured my calendar.

I would love to share that calendar template with you for free—you can customize it to fit your needs and tasks. And once you download it, there’s a free video explaining how I use it. Download your FREE calendar template here.


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Next Episode: Adam Grant

Renowned organization psychologist Adam Grant and Carey Nieuwhof have a pivotal (and surprising) conversation about what’s wrong with preaching today, how to reinvent it and how to rethink apologetics for the 21st century in a way that connects with people who don’t go to church. Adam also discusses the ideas behind his new book, Think Again, including why conspiracy theories are so popular and how to get out of your echo chamber.

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CNLP 404: Chris Heaslip on Lessons from Launching 15 Startups Before the Age of 40, the Rocket Rise of Pushpay, and How to Gain a Competitive Advantage with Your Team

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