CNLP 359: Levi Lusko on What the Future Church Might Look Like After COVID, Adrenaline Addiction and How to Pastor People Who Don’t Live Near You

In a very transparent and honest conversation, Fresh Life Church founder and bestselling author, Levi Lusko, comes back to the podcast and talks about dealing with adrenaline letdown after COVID hit, what the future church might look like, why he’s thinking his church will become a digital default church, and how digital can scale in a way the old model never could, even for small town churches.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey talks about your health and why your time off probably isn’t going to destress you.

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1. Reopening as soon as possible might not be the best way forward

Businesses like restaurants, movie theaters and malls can’t wait to reopen after the COVID crisis because they can’t make money without being open. The church isn’t like those businesses and doesn’t need to have the same urgency. We can still carry out the Great Commission without filling our church buildings.

Because of this, Fresh Life Church has made a shift to focus on online attenders and small gatherings of less than 50 people. Through these new methods, they are reaching more people than they ever have before, and they are not rushing to reopen.

2. Let your staff rest

One of the most common questions pastors are asking during this time is, “What do I do with my staff that now don’t have a full 40 hours of work?” Levi has decided to allow them get well-rested in this season. He thinks this approach is much better than manufacturing work that isn’t really needed.

In his mind, this is similar to a football team. It’s okay for the kicker to sit on the bench when he isn’t needed as long as he is staying ready for when he is. You can view your staff the same way. Your campus pastors for your closed locations might not have 40 hours of work in this season, and that’s okay.

3. Encourage online attendees to become volunteers

Now that Fresh Life has turned their focus to primarily being an online church, they are facing the challenge of guiding purely online attenders to engage and volunteer. To answer this, they turned to scripture. In Nehemiah, every worker was called to work at the part of the wall that was in front of his own house.

The Fresh Life team took notes from this and decided to place a great emphasis on the idea of serving within your community, no matter where you live. So, if someone is watching from Pennsylvania, they encourage them to invest in their local community. To back this up, they give outreach grants to help with projects that improve the cities where Fresh Life is.

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CNLP 359: Levi Lusko on What the Future Church Might Look Like After COVID, Adrenaline Addiction and How to Pastor People Who Don’t Live Near You


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