How do you have meaningful conversations—even friendships—with people who are radically different than you and who don’t share the same values you do?

Few are better at doing this than Rose Zacharias Meeder. A married woman with four kids, Rose has built many friendships with people from the divorced, to the Buddhist, to the atheist, to the trans-gendered, and in the process has led more than a few to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Welcome to Episode 123 of the podcast.

Rose Meeder


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3 Insights from This Episode

1. Authentic questions breed authentic answers. On any given day, if someone asks “How are you doing?” There’s a superficial answer, and a real answer. Something—good or bad—is going on. When you’re able to lean in and ask how people “How are you really doing?” and they give an honest answer back, they are inviting you into their space. They’re telling you that they trust you with what they’re sharing. Asking real, intentional questions opens up incredible opportunities to have authentic relationships with people.

2. Do as Jesus did. Jesus hung out with people who weren’t like him. Sometimes as Christians, when we find out that someone has different values and beliefs, it can be our instinct to put up a mental wall. Getting to meet and engage with people who think differently than you is what Rose calls “beautiful encounters.” Whether or not you agree with what the other person is saying, you can get past judgement by choosing to see the other person’s honesty as a gift. These authentic and honest conversations are the ones Jesus would have had.

3. People are not projects, people are people. When you have conversations and friendships with people who are different than you, natural opportunities arise to share your faith. As you’re discussing things with other people, you end up sharing parts of you too. Your stuff comes out. And if you’re a Christian, you will probably end up telling people that you pray about things and that you take your issues to God. It’s not trying to impose your opinion on others, but honoring that they gifted you their honest answers and you answer them with yours. And if someone isn’t interesting in pursing faith, or stops going to church, Rose doesn’t just cut them out of her life. She believes in Christians choosing to be salt and light in the world.

Quotes from This Episode

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CNLP 123: How to Have Meaningful, Life-Giving Conversations with Non-Christians: An Interview with Rose Zacharias Meeder

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