Wonder if you’ll ever find your real calling? Are you called to ministry? How would you know? An ex-engineer with the US nuclear navy, Todd Wilson answered a call to ministry, founding Exponential and many other things as a Kingdom entrepreneur. His latest venture is to help leaders find their true calling, and in this episode, he tells you what to look for to find your calling.

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3 Things from This Episode

What does it mean to answer God’s calling, and how do we know when we hear from Him. Todd Wilson explains to us what it is we miss when we think we hear from God and how to re-align our expectations.

  1. Trust God and listen. Sometimes, you’ll come to the epiphany that you feel crazy and nothing makes sense. We want God to do what he did to Abraham. What we sometimes miss is that our lives are like books, and God’s the author. All we have to do  is look at the chapters God has written. The calling and what He’s got for us is already embedded there.
  1. Find the position, design and purpose. A sweet spot is nothing more than that. Go back to man in the Garden of Eden. He’s got all three of those things. In the fall of man, it’s what he lost, and what have we done ever since? We’ve lost our sweet spot, and our discontent on this side of eternity. We get so lost in the legacy of doing that we skip over thinking about what God has made us to be.
  1. Be. Do. Go. How has God’s handwork been shown? There’s the “be” element of design, the “do” element of my purpose and the position part that we walk in. Let the overflow of decisions start with Be. Those need to overflow to what we do and finally to where we go.

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CNLP 111: How to Find Your True Calling —An Interview with Exponential’s Todd Wilson

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