CNLP 105: Dan Reiland – 35 Years of Wisdom from An Exceptional Church Leader

Dan Reiland talks about what it’s been like to work with John Maxwell for over 30 years, about how they vritually created the role of Executive Pastor, and what he’s learning serving as the XP of one of the largest churches in the country (12 Stone). Dan even tells us the top 5 leadership lessons of all time that he learned from John Maxwell.

Welcome to Episode 105 of the Podcast.


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Amplified Leadership: 5 Practices to Establish Influence, Build People, and Impact Others for a Lifetime

Dan Reilands Top 5 Insights From John Maxwell

How do you qualify yourself as a leader? It’s more than someone assigning a title to you. How you leverage your influence to lead change makes all the difference. Dan shares the incredible advice he’s learned from John Maxwell.

  1. Leadership is influence. It’s too easy try to make it mechanical or about a title or about a function, but leadership is more relational and organic. It’s more art than science. It’s not stratified.
  2. Leaders are agents of change. The local church can be a place where nothing changes. Dan has a deep passion that sees progress, and he says that just can’t happen without change.
  3. Encouragement is 51% of leadership. It sounds simple, but you have to define encouragement. We think of it as something soft, but as a leader who’s an encourager, people will migrate to you. The outcome overrides the action.
  4. Attitude can make or break you. It’s a choice that can take you to the top. It’s common to see what needs to be fixed. When you work hard, and you carry a heavy load, your perspective gets skewed. Or you can choose the opposite, and free your thoughts.
  5. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Some people make mentorship too big. Mentoring isn’t about this big program; it’s about the right person with the right word at the right moment. How you make an impact doesn’t have to do with what you know, but how you relate to someone.

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CNLP 105: Dan Reiland – 35 Years of Wisdom from An Exceptional Church Leader


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