Dillon Smith

Dillon Smith is passionate about challenging other young leaders to set themselves apart through mentorship, networking, and becoming coachable. He also wants to help the already established generation of leaders better understand and lead this new wave of young leaders.

Dillon's Most Requested Topics

Fatherless: How Deep Tragedy Can Give Birth To Deeper Passion
A leader’s relationship with their father can be one of the most defining relationships in life. What happens when that is impacted by distance, abuse, or tragedy? It changes you forever—and, surprisingly, it can change you for the better. Deep tragedy can give birth to even deeper passion. In this talk, Dillon Smith shares about losing his father when he was 12 years old, and outlines how God used that tragedy in his life for the good, and how you can find hope in the midst of setbacks too.

7 Habits Of Gen Z Your Church Is Probably Ignoring
The future of the church rests on how well the current generation works with and develops the next generation of church leaders. This talk outlines 7 critical insights about the upcoming generation from a young leader who wants to see the church of tomorrow thrive.

How to Grow Your Personal Network in a Disconnected World
It has never been easier to fall into the trap of isolation. This is especially true for young leaders who report feeling more isolated and alone than any other generation. This talk covers why you need to build a network of leaders around you and how to do it, even if you aren’t a natural networker.

The High Impact Leader
Ever feel like you just can’t get it all done? Overwhelm at work seems to be an epidemic nowadays. After a year of working closely with author and speaker Carey Nieuwhof, Dillon Smith has learned to lead at a whole new level at the age of 22 by getting his time, energy, and priorities working in his favor. This talk outlines how he did this as Carey’s assistant and a full time student, and how you and your audience can too.

How To Leverage Opportunities To Maximize Your Leadership
Inspired and based off of the Parable of the Talents, this talk illustrates how “those who are faithful with a little will be entrusted with much” affects the modern young adult and how today’s young people can leverage their small opportunities today to receive even bigger opportunities tomorrow.

Hear What People Have to Say About Dillon

“I had the privilege of watching Dillon Smith emerge as a passionate communicator and effective leader first hand. His speaking greatly challenged and inspired me in my first years of ministry and continues to do so today. Dillon brings powerful insight regarding intentional relationships, clear vision, and authentic leadership. Above all, his love for Jesus truly shows itself in every element of his communication.”

Taylor Williams

Campus Worship Leader, Saddleback Church - San Diego

“Dillon is one of the best young communicators I’ve seen. He has learned a lot in a short period of time and has a way of sharing his experience that is relatable and easy to understand.”

Andy Dykhouse

Director of Leadership Development at Nebraska Christian College of Hope International University

“When working with young leaders, it is often the case that their COMPETENCY outweighs their CHARACTER. Perhaps the most striking thing about Dillon is the opposite is true for him. Although he is qualified and has been trained by some of the best, (Carey Nieuwhof being one of them) he is intentional that his character continually outpaces his competency no matter what he is doing. If I had to pick a voice for his generation, he would be among top choices.”

Cory Demmel

Lead Pastor, Cape Christian

“Dillon Smith is at the forefront of a new generation of speakers who are passionate about leadership. Clear, concise, and full of energy, Dillon is definitely a young man who needs to be heard, because he has much to say. I highly recommend you book him for your next event.”

Rory Noland

Author of The Heart Of The Artist and Worship On Earth As It Is In Heaven.

“Dillon is a great example of grit, teachability, and audacity. His sheer understanding of leadership and communication has set him apart - he can only go higher from here.”

Myron Pierce

Pastor, Mission Church

More About Dillon

Dillon Smith serves as Content Director for Carey Nieuwhof Communications Limited. He’s also a church leader and has served as the Omaha Concert Chaplain, working with Lauren Daigle, Michael W. Smith, For King and Country, Newsboys, and other top performers.

At age 19, Dillon led the national book launch for Carey’s latest book, Didn’t See It Coming. He speaks to young leaders at camps, churches, and other events about productivity, coachability, and how to leverage networking and mentorship opportunities.


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