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Courses That Will Help You Thrive

Product Bundle. PDF Workbook and video training accessible by laptop and phone.

The 30-Day Pivot

The 30-Day Pivot online training will help you advance your mission into the new normal. Position your team to overcome obstacles, spot opportunity and leverage change, even during uncertainty.

Learn To Thrive During Uncertainty TheArtofPreaching_Logo

The Art of Better Preaching

The Art of Better Preaching Course is a 12 session video training with a comprehensive, interactive workbook that will help you create, write, and deliver better sermons. The course contains the lessons Mark Clark (lead pastor of Village Church) and I have learned, taught, and used over decades of being professional communicators.

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The High Impact Leader

The High Impact Leader course is a series of 10 video training sessions with a corresponding workbook to help you build the plan you need to get your life back on track. It’s a system I’ve taught to countless leaders over the last season of my life, and it’s one I want to share with you now.

Lead Like Never Before Church Growth Masterclass

Church Growth Masterclass

You can knock down the barriers that keep you from growing. You can eliminate the things that keep your church from growing and implement some strategies that will help you reach far more people. That’s what I’d love to help you do in the Church Growth Masterclass.

Grow Your Church The High Impact Workplace

The High Impact Workplace

In a heartbeat, the world changed. Your team went from in-person, in-office leadership to 100% remote overnight. Now you’re leading people you can’t see and motivating your team in the midst of rapidly changing conditions. How do you keep your team engaged while they work from home?

Grow Your Team How to Lead Through Crisis Bundle

How to Lead Through Crisis

Even in times of uncertainty you can advance your mission.

In How to Lead Through Crisis, Carey Nieuwhof delivers his best strategies, tools, habits and mindsets so you can lead your church to a new (and better) future.

Lead Through Crisis (Free Access)

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