CNLP 321: Chris Hodges and Brad Lomenick on the Incredible Rise of Church of the Highlands, Trends in Next Generation Leadership, and How Systems and Creativity Should Work Together

Chris Hodges was an unlikely church planter. After burning out at age 38, Chris found a renewed call and planted the Church Of the Highlands, which has become one of the largest and fastest growing churches in America.

Chris and Brad Lomenick talk about mentoring the next generation of leaders, what’s changing, and how systems and creativity can work together rather than compete with one another. Both Chris and Brad will be featured speakers at this year’s Rethink Leadership Conference in Atlanta, April 29-30th, 2020.

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ReThink Leadership

The E Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

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3 Insights from Chris and Brad

1. The right system is one that works

So many leaders argue for different models and different systems that they prefer to operate in. This is the wrong approach. Chris argues that the best system for you and your organization is the one that works best for you and your organization. Your preference shouldn’t be a factor.

A great example of this is that most churches have a vision to reach lost people, but they haven’t created anything that lost people are attracted to, because they have a bad system. Their system is great at attracting Christians but not lost people. When we fall more in love with our systems and our methods than our vision, the vision dies.

2. These two things will set your church up for financial success

One of the biggest challenges of leading a church is the issue of how to manage the finances. At Church of the Highlands, Chris and his team have learned that there are two major rules for succeeding in finances.

The first is prioritizing generosity. If you, as a church, aren’t able to be generous and show your people how you are being generous, how can you expect your people to be generous at all?

The second is keeping margin. At their church, their yearly budget is based off 90% of the previous year’s income. This allows them to have margin when disasters or unplanned opportunities arise.

3. On sabbath, just stop producing

One of the keys to Chris’ success is his strict policy of keeping a sabbath every week. He noted in the podcast that, “It’s amazing how many leaders would never think about murder or theft, but will disregard the command of sabbath every week.” Chris takes a full sabbath at the start of every week on Monday.

On his sabbath, he is very intentional about making sure that he doesn’t spend any time producing. For him, if he avoids anything digital altogether, and he manages to spend a significant amount of time outside, he will have a successful sabbath. A date night with his wife is usually involved, too.

Quotes from Episode 321

The right system is one that works. @Chris_Hodges Click To Tweet

I think the church has to get bigger because lost people matter, but it has to get smaller because individuals matter. @Chris_Hodges Click To Tweet

The opposite of depression isn't happiness, it's purpose. @cathyheller Click To Tweet

'It's only the delivery of the product that determines the success of the company. @Chris_Hodges Click To Tweet

When you get larger, you can do more. And just because you can, doesn't mean you should. @Chris_Hodges Click To Tweet

This year's budget is based off 90% of last year's income. @Chris_Hodges Click To Tweet

I never want to go into Sunday morning needing that day’s offering. @Chris_Hodges Click To Tweet

God has more and he's not giving it to everybody. He gives it to those who know what the more is for. @Chris_Hodges Click To Tweet

Money margin is important, but time margin can change your life. @Chris_Hodges Click To Tweet

I don't get up from the chair until I've kind of reduced my whole day down to, 'This day will be successful if I can have these three tasks accomplished.' @Chris_Hodges Click To Tweet

I think everything you do first matters. @Chris_Hodges Click To Tweet

I even find more joy seeing them succeed than anything that I do. @Chris_Hodges Click To Tweet

I just don't let leaders defend something that's not working. @Chris_Hodges Click To Tweet

The medium that represents mediocrity, or average, is what's gone away. @bradlomenick Click To Tweet

Even if you win the race to the bottom, all you get is the bottom. @cnieuwhof Click To Tweet

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Next Episode: James Emery White

In an age where many churches and businesses are opening locations, James Emery White decided to close all of his…and experienced the biggest growth they’ve had in years. Jim explains why they did it, how it happened, why he’s investing so much in digital outreach and how to grow your church younger when you grow older as a leader.

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CNLP 321: Chris Hodges and Brad Lomenick on the Incredible Rise of Church of the Highlands, Trends in Next Generation Leadership, and How Systems and Creativity Should Work Together


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    I love reading through and I believe this website got some genuinely utilitarian stuff on it!

  2. Alec Hopkins on May 9, 2020 at 6:05 pm

    Really loved this episode! For a young church leader like myself, knowledge and wisdom from seasoned pastors is a great help in positioning for success in ministry. I found Chris Hodges take on systems to be especially engaging and relavent to healthy church operations! I’m a systems guy myself, so those tips were really great. Thanks to Carey Nieuwhof, Chris Hodges, and Brad Lomenick for all you do to advance the Kingdom of Heaven and equip leaders!

  3. Chris Ball on February 23, 2020 at 9:18 am

    I really enjoyed this episode. I have a question that maybe somebody can get an answer back to me. I would like to attend re-think but I’m not a senior pastor and the president of the movement of 250 churches. Is there a spot available for me and my wife to attend? How do I register off so the questions are pertaining to senior pastors.

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