CNLP 265: Les McKeown on the Keys to Scaling Your Church Or Business, Why Growth Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You’re Ready to Scale, and How Scaling Actually Reduces Stress on You and Your Team

Les McKeown is back on the podcast, this time talking about the difference between growing organizations and organizations that are ready for scale. The two often get confused, and just because you’re growing doesn’t mean you’re ready to scale.

Les shares the keys to scale, which, coincidentally, also reduces the stress the senior leader and entire team feel. Getting bigger doesn’t mean getting more frenzied. Often, it’s the opposite.

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3 Insights from Les

1. Scaling organizations are rarer than people think

Many people think that experiencing expansive growth means an organization is scaling. Les argues that if an organization is working in an extremely fast pace without implementing systems and processes that empower managers to make decisions, it isn’t scaling at all.

The biggest obstacle in the way of becoming an organization ready to truly scale is understanding the behavioral and mindset changes necessary to implement systems and processes. This will lead a thriving organization that is ready to scale, because scaling can only happen after implementing proper systems and processes to reproduce success.

Once an organization is scaling, the model can grow as large as the market will allow in whatever footprint it chooses – whether that’s local, regional, national, or global.

2. The heart of a healthy, scaling organization is high-quality, team-based decision making

Many organizations think they are scaling, but they are actually still in the Fun Stage of the predictable success model. If an organization is seeing massively overwhelming growth, it’s not scaling.

There is one key thing that all scaling teams must get right: High-quality, team-based decision making. This is key for any scaling organization.

Managers in scalable organizations have learned the skill of lateral management – the ability to work with the people that are on their same level. When groups of managers begin working together to make decisions the organization becomes more capable of scaling. A decision-making process is a key tool that these organizations have to master.

3. As you scale, you have to learn to fly by instruments, not by your gut

An absolutely essential part of having early growth is having a visionary with great judgment. Early on and in smaller organizations, there is a leader that has a Golden Gut. This leader just knows when something is off or the correct decisions that need to be made.

The Golden Gut works for a while, but as an organization grows this leader will no longer be able to see the threats coming against the organization. This shift usually comes when an organization hits 20 full-time employees. This is the time when the leader has to limit the Golden Gut impulses, rely on key analytics to guide decisions and have a team that can implement Fly-by Instruments.

Quotes from Episode 265

At the heart of every scaling organization, there is a muscle that is producing high-quality, team-based decision making. @predsuccess Click To Tweet

Everything that makes you succeed comes from the discretionary effort of your people. @predsuccess Click To Tweet

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CNLP 265: Les McKeown on the Keys to Scaling Your Church Or Business, Why Growth Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You’re Ready to Scale, and How Scaling Actually Reduces Stress on You and Your Team


  1. Ray Frangakis on May 22, 2019 at 3:06 am

    Thanks Carey. Great interview with Les.
    How do we get access to the chapter and 4D flight plan outside the US?

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      I came to ask the same question!

    • Dan Doerksen on June 18, 2019 at 1:04 pm

      Thank you! I’m a Canadian and would love to get that flight plan. Come on, Carey, help a fellow Northener out 😉

      • Murray Colville on June 24, 2019 at 3:30 pm

        +1 for Australia… Thanks

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