CNLP 202: #AskCarey Your Questions on How to Raise Money When No One Gives, Increasing Your Church’s First Time Guest Count, The Art of Question Asking, and How to Improve Your Side Hustle

Your questions are the best questions. So, we’re back with another special episode of #AskCarey to help you lead like never before as we celebrate reaching over 200 episodes for the podcast.

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Ask Carey

Questions Featured in this Episode

1. 04:39: I’ve been listening to your book Lasting Impact and though I find it filled with good information, I’m overwhelmed with it all. How do I finance this new ministry model moving into the future?

2. 10:55: Our church has been considering launching a leadership podcast. Can you share how you prepare for a good interview? What’s your process on the back end to make the front end look so good?

3. 21:09: I pastor a church of 140 people and I’ve known most of the them for years. How do I respond as their pastor with authority when most consider me a peer?

4. 26:33: How do you value and appreciate your staff members in a way that does not cause them to burn out?

5. 36:35: If Generation Z is going to grow up further from God than any other generation, how do you think this should effect the way we emphasize youth ministry? Do you think the church is succeeding or failing at empowering youth pastors? If we are called to pastor Generation Z how should that change the way we view church ministry as a whole?

Links from this Episode

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Leading Change Without Losing It

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Simple Church: Returning to God’s Process for Making Disciples

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Quotes from This Episode

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Next Episode: Sam Collier    

Sam Collier is a speaker and host at North Point Ministries and the Director of City Strategy for The reThink Group. Recorded live from the Orange Conference, Sam talks about growing up without privilege, dealing with difficult people, the struggles of living a double life (and how to get out it), how he built his influential platform, his new book Find Your Voice and so much more.

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CNLP 202: #AskCarey Your Questions on How to Raise Money When No One Gives, Increasing Your Church’s First Time Guest Count, The Art of Question Asking, and How to Improve Your Side Hustle

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