1. Okiemute OKPURHE-OBIRE on July 28, 2021 at 2:24 am

    Dear Alan George,

    Thank you for this details X-RAY on loopholes in Digital Ministry engagement. About (22) years ago (1999) I was really excited as a young man who just graduated from the University and was fortunate to be fully engaged with an Internship Job. At that time the internet world were not so common but Fax messages and sending letters through the post were still very much around.

    With little cash flowing in my hands, I didn’t know that a Family Ministry Calling was hanging on my Family Lineage as a Prince and heir apparent to our ROYAL FAMILY. And so the groove continued until I had an encounter with the Lord. Realizing that I have a ROYAL Ministries Calling also didn’t make much sense to me at that time too, but the Lord also allowed me into Insurance and Banking Profession for over (14) years. It was the skills and work experience that helped me embrace and delivered on several Discipleship, Mission and Prison Ministry Outreach Program of our Church in the last (6) years since my resignation from the Banking Job to Manage our Family Business too.

    What I novicely was doing about (22) years ago trying to sell a better ways of reaching out with the Gospel during our Church Youth Program that was considered not good enough is what the Church is doing today with the outback of Covid19 and Global lockdown.

    Sometimes God call those unskilled and unqualified people for divine assignment and allow them development the needed skills, knowledge and experience to match His Master Plan.

    • Steve on July 28, 2021 at 8:51 am

      Thanks much for your testimony!
      When the name Gary Vaynerchuck is mentioned, my mind goes back to the era when I was trying to support a family of five on my direct mail marketing activities. And all the ‘stars’ of direct mail that I worked with, through or modeled–from Gary Halbert, to Bob Bly to Jay Abraham and many more from the 1970s come to mind.

      As to ‘digital mistakes’ I give the above as a backgrounder as even into the early 1990s in various publishing venues, I was told that my blood must be 50% printer’s ink! About 1996 I launched a national association for business coaches–virtually on my own. I was very popular with my local post office adding to their revenue stream as my ‘membership prospectus’ cost about $1.70 each to mail–on top of the cost of the material inside.

      I was carefully following the model I had on ‘how to start an association’ from the bookstore of the American Society of Association Executives that I frequently visited in downtown Washington, DC. Even with help, we were getting swamped in assembling and mailing out the membership packages.

      One day in late 1997 I complained (whined) to one of my board members of all the work we had to do in fulfilling requests for membership information. He stopped me mid-sentence and said “Steve, we are in the digital age. Why aren’t you sending the membership info to prospects in a pdf via email and let THEM print it out?”

      I simply did not know that something like that could be accomplished. As my then early-teen daughter would have replied to my quandary, “Well, duh, Dad! Everyone knows that!” As my background, experience and business battle scars all centered around the printed word, this was a wonderful mistake that I am glad the Lord led someone to give me a solution.

      It was a real blessing to also find other believers who were called to the business world and have found great fellowship with them in the years following. Thanks much, Pastor Alan for the trip down my memory lane. Frankly, it was an embarrassment that I initially tried to keep to just a few close friends, but I use it now to remind clients to seek solutions beyond their present skill base.

      Thank you for a very cogent and workable ‘roadmap’ you have presented the world. I trust many will see the wisdom in what you have written, Alan!

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