CNLP 438: Pete Scazzero on Why MegaChurch Pastors (and Other Leaders) Fail and How to Sustain a Healthy Inner Life

Pete Scazzero returns to the podcast to talk about the reasons so many pastors fail, how your platform can easily outgrow your character, and how to develop an interior life that will help you lead a healthy organization and life.

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Plus, in this episode’s Ask Me Anything About Productivity segment, Carey answers Gina’s question about how crisis affects our productivity.

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Insights From Pete

1. To build a culture that is healthy and successful, invest in your inner life early on

According to Pete, no matter what words you speak or strategies you put in place, what you’re living is what’s going to become the culture of those around you. We’re always leading externally from what’s on the inside.

Putting in the hard work of finding out what’s underneath is the most important gift you can give to your business, church, employees and family. This is especially important if you have any platform (spoiler alert, we all have some type of platform) because if you don’t have the character to go with it, you’re going to start wielding your leadership in ways that lead to disaster.

2. Signs that you’re getting out of whack

Take inventory of yourself on a daily basis. Note anything that feels off. Is there anxiety in your body? Is your stomach tense? Do you feel high-strung? Ask yourself what’s really going on underneath the surface and what the root is. All of these can be signs that your inner self is off. Another thing that Pete recommends is to ask your spouse how they are doing. If they’re not doing great, chances are that you’re not doing great, because what you do affects those around you.

3. How to grow your inner life

To grow your inner life, Pete proposes that you first need silence and stillness to pay attention to your feelings, motives and what’s going on inside. Practice self-awareness and ask probing questions like, “Why am I anxious?” “Why am I impatient?” “Why am I so angry at that person?” Have space to be reflective so God can come to you. Enlist the help of coaches, mentors, spiritual directors and therapists that can help you grow inner life so you can lead well in your outer life.

Quotes from Episode 438

Tending to your inner life is a matter of life and death. @petescazzero Click To Tweet Reject being great. @petescazzero Click To Tweet There was nothing about Jesus that was great by the world's standards. @petescazzero Click To Tweet I would see the unprecedented crises that we're experiencing as invitations from God to pivot. @petescazzero Click To Tweet You want to dedicate serious time of investment into your being early, because that is the most important gift you can give to your business, your church, your employees, everyone who's looking to you for leadership. @petescazzero Click To Tweet You can be ‘succeeding’ and failing. @petescazzero Click To Tweet Discipleship is leaving your family of origin, and leaving your culture, and learning to do life in the new family of Jesus. @petescazzero Click To Tweet I was told many years ago that your 60s and 70s will be your best decades if you're faithful in your 30s, 40s, 50s. @petescazzero Click To Tweet If your busy season doesn't have an ending, it's not a season, it's your life. Click To Tweet Crises should be short lived. Click To Tweet

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CNLP 438: Pete Scazzero on Why MegaChurch Pastors (and Other Leaders) Fail and How to Sustain a Healthy Inner Life

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