Sheryl Brady leads a mega church in Dallas and has a large international ministry, but never imagined herself as a leader. Sheryl talks about her unlikely rise into leadership in her early thirties and the struggles it caused her as a mom.

She also talks about struggling with her own faith and having to lead in the midst of a personal crisis, and how to discern what opportunities you should take and which ones you should say no to.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About Segment, Carey gives his latest thoughts on the COVID-19 crisis and how to respond as leaders.

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The Potter’s House of North Dallas


1. Don’t sacrifice family for the sake of ministry

So many leaders do it. We see time spent serving others as time spent serving God, so we sacrifice the time we spend with our families. If we’re not careful, we can build our careers, our churches, our ministries, our businesses, and not even intentionally, we end up neglecting the ones closest to us. Sheryl knows firsthand the impact of putting ministry over family.

So she started viewing her family as her team. Any decision she made she knew would impact the whole. She says, “To me, there’s something about family. God wanted a family. That’s why the body of Christ exists. And I found out that ultimately, the strength of my ministry has come out of the strength of my family.”

2. Leading when you feel hopeless

In October 2017, Sheryl lost her sister to a long battle with cancer. Seven months later, she lost her mom. She said those losses challenged the core of everything she believed. It was around this time that Sheryl was asked to speak about hope during a worship service at her church. She was afraid of feeling like a phony.

So, how do you offer hope in moments of hopelessness? Sheryl says to be honest. She says, “If you don’t own where you are, you can’t fix where you are.” Being transparent allows us to connect with people right where they are. As leaders, it bridges the gap between us and the people we lead. It allows people to feel comfortable being open and trust to be built.

3. Every open door isn’t necessarily one you should walk through

We’ve all been there—we are looking for opportunities, trying to make sense of situations, and praying God will open the door. But, do you have to walk through every open door? And, how do you know when it’s an open door, or it’s a door you’re trying to pry open?

Sometimes, walking through too many open doors can lead to burn out, at least, that’s what happened with Sheryl. She shares, “And so one door led to another door, to another door, and the next thing I knew, I was saying yes to a whole lot of doors because when you haven’t necessarily had an open door and God gives you one, you just think they’re all God. And you don’t slow down and you don’t discern the doors.”

Sheryl asks God these questions as filters when considering open doors:

  • Do I have anything that’s going to help where I’m going?
  • Is there anything you’ve given me to say?
  • Do I fit this group?
  • Is it going to be a blessing to them and to me?

Quotes from Episode 330

I found out that ultimately, the strength of my ministry has come out of the strength of my family. @sherylbrady Click To Tweet

If we're not careful, we can build our careers, our churches, our ministries, our businesses, we can be so busy pouring into them that, and not even intentionally, we can neglect our home base. @sherylbrady Click To Tweet

I was so busy looking at what I lost that I didn't realize what I had been left with. @sherylbrady Click To Tweet

The absence of my faith in that moment did not equate to the absence of God. @sherylbrady Click To Tweet

I feel like sometimes we can get so consumed with what's next, that we miss what is. @sherylbrady Click To Tweet

Sometimes we need to slow down and realize that home needs you too. @sherylbrady Click To Tweet

The key to scale is quality, team-based decision-making. @lesmckeown Click To Tweet

No matter how much I doubted and no matter how hurt I was and no matter the loss, I knew I loved God and I knew that He was everything to me. @sherylbrady Click To Tweet

I think if you don't own where you are, you can't fix where you are. @sherylbrady Click To Tweet

Pain is not prejudice. @sherylbrady Click To Tweet

When you haven't necessarily had an open door and God gives you one, you just think they're all God. And you don't slow down and you don't discern the doors. @sherylbrady Click To Tweet

Pray a door open, don't pry a door open. @kevinqueen Click To Tweet

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CNLP 330: Sheryl Brady on How to Lead When You Don’t Have All the Answers, When Your Faith is in Crisis, and How to Decide What Doors to Walk Through and When to Say No

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