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CNLP 252: Kevin Queen on Winning Over Trust as a New Leader, Successful Succession and The Heart of Revival

What do you do when a well-known, charismatic founder of a highly visible, successful church resigns and you’re the successor? That was Kevin Queen’s situation in 2017 when he took over the Lead Pastor role at Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN after Pete Wilson stepped back.

Kevin had never been a Lead Pastor before and has a very different style and approach. 18 months later, the church has never been stronger or larger, and is moving into the future as alive as it’s ever been. Kevin shares that astonishing, unlikely story of how it all came together under God’s grace.

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3 Insights from Kevin

1.  Intimacy with God overrides the intimidation of man

There are two kinds of pressure: the press of man and the press of God – and they are two completely different things.

The press of man is fueled by insecurity and by fear. It’s felt when we are drawing away from God and not seeking Him first.

The press that God puts on our hearts is His way of leading us. When we are in a place of close intimacy with Him, we will be more confident with His call for us and less intimidated by the pressures brought on by people.

2. Every leader needs a cave

Like David, every leader needs a cave. David’s cave was a place for him to go and give his desperation to God. He could leave it all there and trust that God had everything under control.

So often, we place our desperation on people instead of our Father, but God is the only one who is attracted to desperation. People certainly aren’t. They can’t handle it.

Do you have a cave where you can leave your desperation? A place to go and pray and trust your burdens to Him?

3. Remember your family during transition

Transitioning is hard – whether you’re stepping into a new role in a place you’ve worked for a while or uprooting to a completely new place, growing pains are inevitable. As difficult as it may be on you as a leader, don’t neglect to recognize the needs of those closest to you.

Leading well at work is obviously important, but it’s even more important to lead well on the home front. Stay engaged and involved in the transition your family is experiencing. Protect family time and be disciplined when it comes to keeping family commitments.

The most important responsibility of your day isn’t in the a.m. It starts when your car pulls back into the driveway at the end of the day – no matter how long that day has been.

Quotes from Episode 252

I don't want to pry a door open. I'd rather pray a door open. @kevinqueen Click To Tweet

We're either going to put our desperation on people or we're going to put our desperation on God. @kevinqueen Click To Tweet

The more intimate we are with God, the less intimidated we are by people. @kevinqueen Click To Tweet

A better aim for one's life, instead of doing great things for God is to do things for a great God. -Siang Yang Tan Click To Tweet

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Next Episode: Kadi Cole

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CNLP 252: Kevin Queen on Winning Over Trust as a New Leader, Successful Succession and The Heart of Revival

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  1. Dindo Daniel Rosales on March 30, 2019 at 9:34 am

    I been spending a really awakening time listening to your podcast and I been using your blogs to communicate to my church here in Manila. Carey thanks for your passion in these unique gathering of spiritual minds for the strength ening of fellow leaders.

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