CNLP 242: Frank Bealer on How to Seriously Boost Your Productivity During High Demand Seasons

Frank Bealer is one of the most productive people Carey knows, and he doesn’t say that lightly.

Frank deconstructs how he has grown his productivity in 3 distinct seasons of his life as a leader in his 30s. At 22, he became CEO, and over the last decade and a half has worked on the senior leadership teams of Elevation Church, ReThink and is now also the CEO of the Phase Family Center. Frank talks about he’s grown his productivity through high demand seasons.

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3 Insights from Frank

1. Minor changes can lead to massive productivity results

Often times, the way your place of work is structured and organized can be the biggest enemy to your productivity. Workplace habits can make or break your bottom line. Find when you are habitually distracted or counter-productive and find a way to stop.

A little more discipline can produce a lot more results. Something as simple as not having chairs in your personal office can have a massive impact on your productivity. It changes all your meetings to standing meetings rather than sitting. Surrounding your workplace with those minor changes are a critical step to reaching your goals.

2. Hurry home 

Highly motivated people are often tempted to “grind it out” and stay in the office for unnecessarily long hours. Eventually, you see that burning the candle at both ends does not lead to getting more done, but will probably lead to you burning out.

If you stay disciplined, you can accomplish the same amount of work in a 10-hour shift with a “hurry home” mindset as an 18-hour shift where you are “just grinding it out.” This is how you can win at work and at home.

3. If you don’t lean into a calendar you give yourself to chaos

Being a slave to your calendar ultimately sets you free. You are free to control what does and doesn’t make it into your life. If you live without control of your calendar, those things that are urgent will begin to take priority over the things that are actually important.

If you take control of your calendar, you can understand the fallout of your schedule-related decisions before you make them. Understanding the consequences is key to making the right choice.

Quotes from Episode 242

In a 1 on 1 meeting, make sure you focus on how the team member is doing as much as you focus on what they are doing. @JeffHenderson Click To Tweet The question I needed to ask was: How do I shift the way I lead at work so I truly have a default to hurry home? @fbealer Click To Tweet There are lots of people that don't lean into a calendar and I would say they are a slave to their chaos. @fbealer Click To Tweet

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CNLP 242: Frank Bealer on How to Seriously Boost Your Productivity During High Demand Seasons


  1. Jacob Pannell on February 6, 2019 at 9:13 am

    Hey Carey, do you happen to know what calendar tools Frank uses?

  2. Kyle on January 30, 2019 at 5:39 pm

    Just wanted to post some encouragement to you both, I started listening to podcasts this morning. I looked up a couple and came across this one, an hour after it was posted. It was awesome to listen too, as I am newly leading a Jr high and high school ministry at my church. I thought this podcast was very insightful as I am 23 and a first time ministry leader. Last night I was talking to people exactly about being a young leader and it’s difficulties with leading people older than myself. Just wanted to point out how cool God’s timing was in all of this! Thanks!

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