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Leadership Trends With Frank Bealer — Episode 2

 Leadership Trends with Frank Bealer

Every once in a while, God moves in a powerful way.

It’s hard to believe Elevation Church is only 7 years old. They have grown from 8 families to 7 locations that now welcome about 14,000 people every weekend.

In addition, they have 3,500-4,000 families in the Charlotte area who watch Elevation Church online, which is the main focus of our interview.

What do you do when people watch online rather than attend?

Frank Bealer is on the senior leadership team at Elevation and serves as the Family Ministries Pastor for all their campuses.

It was so gracious of Frank to agree to the interview and in it, he shares some critical insights and trends he sees that will impact every church in the future.

Leadership Trends with Frank Bealer

In today’s interview, Frank

Talks about the pros and cons of church on line.

His concern that parents who do church on lines are making it hard for their kids to connect.

Whether church online is a replacement for church or a supplement to church.

The priority of relationships as key to the development of the faith of kids and teens.

Elevation’s strategy behind how the big ‘teach time’ relates to small groups.

The growing reality that families who attend church attend less often (here’s the link to my blog post on that which Frank references).

The need for a strategy that deals with the reality of kids who are disconnected through online church.

That a key to reaching out in the future will be story – how does the church tell our story better to families?

[tentblogger-youtube J8CMa8T-lr0]

Here are eleven key ideas from the interview with Frank:

With church online come unique tensions – what does online church do to the kids?

Our kids don’t currently have a good method to learn short of coming to our campuses and building key relationships.

Once a month is regular attendance now that families can supplement with church online.

When the parents stay home, the kids lose.

We have to figure out church online – it’s not going away.

The key question is how do church leaders create an urgency with families to make sure they get their kids to church, or how do we create a supplement or alternative.

There are a ton of opportunities for us to figure it out.

I know it’s a new opportunity for us to do ministry, I just don’t know how to do it yet.

We’ve got to do a better job of telling stories that are happening at church.

Robert McKee said “Stories are the currency of human contact.” We’ve got to get better at telling stories at leaders. It’s going to engage people better.

Stories help people understand why we do what we do in ministry.

By the way, you can connect with Elevation E-Kids here and get those resources Frank talked about.

So…what are your thoughts about church online and it’s impact on families? How would you reach families who don’t attend church or attend less often?


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  2. Chris Shumate on July 13, 2013 at 11:19 am

    I’ve known Frank for many years (8 actually) in an acquaintance relationship. I wish I would have connected more personally with him early in my walk. So much wisdom in him, showing it through in this post.

    Frank, Congratulations on and blessings for how God is using you at Elevation, as well as the lives you touched here in Tennessee.

    Thanks, Frank and Carey, for your contributions.

    • cnieuwhof on July 13, 2013 at 9:20 pm

      So glad you guys know each other. Frank and I just met earlier this year. Thankful we did!

  3. Brent Dumler on July 12, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    This topic boils down to discipleship. Discipleship takes dialogue. And true dialogue can’t occur online effectively. Now, I am all for Church online, but I do believe it must not move past a supplement to spiritual growth. I agree completely with Frank’s concern about kids not getting to church. My position on staff is very similar to his. Another concern I have is that people who only participate with church online will potentially miss out on critical interactions with other church members in the front lobby, cafe, or even at the alter for prayer. These are contact points God tends to work through on a regular basis….at least in our church.
    Great discussion. Thanks Carey and Frank!

    • cnieuwhof on July 12, 2013 at 5:44 pm

      Brent I appreciate you weighing in. I agree that the most authentic relationships eventually move into ‘real life’. Here’s what keeps me up at night. What if there’s a group we will only reach online? What if some relationships stay virtual? And what if those relationships are real not only in the human sense but in how God sees them? If so, do we need to create a new paradigm to accommodate that? These are sincere question with no real answers. The future is going to be interesting….

      • Brent Dumler on July 13, 2013 at 9:15 pm

        I agree. Although no real answers yet, these are questions we cannot ignore. One thing I will say…..I think church online and physical church attendance are a ‘both/and’ when it comes to our part in leadership. We can’t ignore the online movement, but we must not abandon putting energy into our local faith families either.

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