CNLP 209: Brady Shearer on Leveraging The Biggest Communication Revolution In 500 Years, Spotting Low Hanging Fruit OnLine, and Scaling Massive Growth

Brady Shearer is just 27 years old, and is figuring out how to seize the biggest communication revolution in 500 years.
He talks about what the digital revolution happening before our eyes means for businesses and churches, gives a lot of examples on how to get started for little money, and how he’s scaling the massive growth of his company.
Welcome to Episode 209 of the podcast.
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3 Insights from This Episode

1. Today’s church leaders can be the pioneers of this new digital land

There are 167 available hours to reach people in between a weekend service and digital is a great place to start. It’s a fairly new area for churches to explore and there is still so much to discover.

Brady compares the church leaders of today to “pioneers in a new land” who need to take chances and make discoveries in this newfound digital territory. He encourages leaders to try everything, explore every platform and to double down on what works for them.

2. Autonomy, deadlines, and measuring goals keeps a reliable team motivated

Brady has experienced massive growth in his company. Here are his key strategies when it comes to keeping his team reliable and motivated:

Give your team autonomy in their roles – Autonomy creates trust, sends the message that you believe they have the skill set necessary to handle the task and makes them feel valued.

Set deadlines – Allow people to set their own schedules, but make sure to communicate clear deadlines  in order to get things done on time.

Measure the progress and growth of your goals – Goals are important and allow a team to always be working towards something. Measuring the efforts along the way – monthly, quarterly, annually – keeps a team on track to accomplish what it set out to do.

3. Your website is your best marketing tool

The single best marketing tool your church has is your website. Here are three simple ways your church can utilize your homepage and take advantage of a virtual culture.

1. List your church on the Google search engine. It’s free! Seriously, there’s no excuse not to do this.

2. 62% of church websites don’t have a space on the homepage easily visible for new visitors. Brady’s team did a fascinating study about this you can read here. Provide a clear and easy to find place on your homepage that communicates they are welcomed and valued.

3. Avoid chaotic communications by consolidating all of your connection points to just one source. You’ll see more engagement because it’s simple and less confusing. Bonus – you’ll save money and resources because you no longer have to worry about maintaining several platforms. Find out more at

Quotes from This Episode

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Tony Morgan is the founder of the Unstuck Group, and he admits that cynicism has been a life long battle. Tony interviews Carey Nieuwhof about why most leaders grow cynical, why most leaders keep defaulting to a cynical view of people and situations, and how to beat it.

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