CNLP 184: Brian Houston on How to Attract the Top Leaders, Battling back From Burnout and The Personal Habits and Rhythms that Help Him Thrive

In a candid, personal and powerful conversation, Brian Houston talks about how Hillsong attracts and keeps great leaders, how he stays healthy as a leader, how he battled back from burnout a few years ago, and even shares his message prep process with us.

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CNLP 089: Brian Houston On Hillsong and the Ingredients That Have Defined His Leadership

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3 Insights from This Episode

1. To raise up leaders you have to work through the faults to find the gold

We all have faults. Making mistakes is part of the journey, but God didn’t develop us according to our flaws. He developed us according to our strengths.  It’s important to work through challenges with emerging leaders and speak into their potential when they mess up. But when someone continues to make the same mistakes over and over, that’s the time to challenge the growing leader and have the tough conversations.

True leadership is demonstrated. The way mature leaders live and confront their own issues and challenges is a huge learning tool for younger leaders to observe. When they can feel the impact of real, authentic leadership – it’s contagious and contributes positively towards raising up the next generation.

2. Brian’s thoughts on letting go and lifting higher

Brian discusses categorizing his leadership into two parts – Leadership Then & Now.

The first half of his leadership life focused on drive, building vision, and developing leaders. It was a time all about working hard and going after the things life brought to the table.

Now, in what he considers the second half of his leadership life, he can focus on empowering and equipping others while releasing control of all he’s worked for. It’s not easy, but it has opened up more time to lift his eyes higher. He can study more, pray more, meditate more and has the margin to say yes to the things that used to get crowded years ago. 

3. We are called to live out our full potential

Many people live knowing they’ve been saved by Christ, but either ignore or don’t realize they have been called to do so much more. God created everyone with great potential and being committed to fulfilling one’s purpose is a responsibility.

God saves us and graces us for His calling and purpose. Once that’s truly realized, it’s not optional to seek it – it has to be lived out.

Quotes from This Episode

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CNLP 184: Brian Houston on How to Attract the Top Leaders, Battling back From Burnout and The Personal Habits and Rhythms that Help Him Thrive


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