Carlos Whittaker battled porn for much of his ministry life until it manifested itself in a relationship that almost cost him his family.

In an honest conversation, he talks about clearing the cobwebs of sin out of his life by finally killing the spider that was spinning them all. He talks to leaders about what to do when sin messes with your life and ministry.

Welcome to Episode 161 of the podcast.

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3 Insights from This Episode

1. You have the ability to remove the lies that are holding you back and live free from the brokenness those lies bring

Seeking to find the truth behind deeply rooted pain involves investing in many things. Prayer. Solitude. Therapy. Supportive Friends. The recovery process isn’t a quick one and often people find themselves eventually falling back into the behaviours they worked so hard to overcome. Carlos Whittaker lived through that cycle for years, but practicing these 3 actions finally freed him from the lies he’d believed his entire life:

1.Confess the Lie 

2. Reject the Lie

3. Replace the Lie with God’s Truth

His book Kill the Spider is a spiritual and personal guide on how to go beyond medicating a lie with false comforts by remove it completely from your life.

2. Chase after Jesus before you chase after the person you’ve hurt

You have to attack and win the spiritual battle within you before you’ll ever be ready to repair damage you’ve caused in your earthly relationships. Once you’ve experienced God’s healing and are reconnected with Him, you will be better equipped to try to restore what you’ve broken in others.

3. Believe God can heal the broken by showing them the love of Jesus 

We all have people in our lives struggling in the darkness. Sure, we pray for them, but are we praying with them?

While loved ones search to find Jesus in a time that feels completely isolating, show them Jesus by offering tangible support and grace. Your strong presence could serve as a prompting in their hearts that God can bring freedom and restoration.

Quotes from This Episode

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Next Episode: Jarrid Wilson

At age 15, Jarrid Wilson told a youth group leader he was depressed, and essentially felt dismissed.

By age 19, the silence felt like it was killing him and he started googling painless ways to die.

A decade later, at 29, he’s in a very different place, having battled depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. We discuss his story and why mental health is so hard to talk about—and deal with—in the church.

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CNLP 161: Carlos Whittaker on Porn, Losing His Family, Hidden Sin and the Battle Back


  1. Nathan on January 4, 2021 at 5:14 pm

    Hi! My name is Nathan. I recently saw Carlos’s about his book “Kill The Spider”.
    I would like to know who was his marriage counselor as I am in need of marriage counseling due to infidelity.

  2. Cathy Gates on October 19, 2017 at 11:14 am

    Thank you for this open authentic conversation about the universality of struggles in life and ministry, where they come from and how to go to God with them. We need to hear these truths more often. As I have worked with Christian leaders, I have seen God do amazing things in the lives of struggling people following using the steps that Carlos describes. I ordered Carlos book while listening to the podcast!

  3. Daniel on October 11, 2017 at 6:41 pm

    I’ve been in full time ministry for years. Today I almost started chasing darkness, but this episode has challenged me to kill the spider. Simply, thank you.

  4. charles hines on October 11, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    Great testimony . I can imagine part of it . I have indeed experienced some of this. I’m intouch with family . Lack of finance and their locations scattered.
    Chas H

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